Live for Speed Build 0.6R Deployed

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Jun 5, 2009
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Live for Speed is the racing sim that refuses to be forgotten and recently the developers have been hard at work producing yet another substantial update to the game.

With the title having been released as long ago as 2003, development slowed in recent years leaving many sim racers to believe the development team have finally shelved further support for this popular simulation. However in recent months updates have picked up pace considerably, even introducing one of the best Virtual Reality implementations of any current racing game available on the market currently.

The new build update released recently weighs in at 135MB and brings with it a reasonable number of fixes and improvements for the title, including a substantial reworking of the popular Blackwood circuit. The team have updated textures and details all round the circuit and have also added a new historic variant to join the current Grand Prix and Rallycross versions already in game.

Other changes include an update to the car shadows on track, improvements to the open configuration maps to make functionality much more informative and other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

The full changelog and install instructions for build 0.6R can be seen below:

  • New textures, geometry and detail improvements all around
  • New Historic configuration (similar to GP but without chicane)
  • New industrial estate area available when open config selected
Other Incompatible Changes:
  • XRG / XRT / FZ5 maximum steering angle increased to 45 degrees
  • Spawn position now disables “Could not join : Start is blocked”
  • Maximum number of layout objects increased to 2100 (was 1800)
  • Reduced the frequency of IS_OBH packets due to Blackwood kerbs
  • IS_OBH is always reported, as before, for movable objects
  • TYRE contacts no longer report IS_OBH for unmovable objects
  • BODY contacts also report unmovable objects played in a layout
  • New small map view for open configs/car parks/autocross areas
  • Small map opacity can now be set for light and dark map colors
  • Improvements on track selection screen using the area maps
  • Shadows are no longer cast upwards or towards the light
  • Ambient (non-direct) shadow darkness now depends on distance
  • Skid marks now remain when race restarts (excluding replays)
  • Increased LOD distances of humans/drivers/marshalls
  • Skid marks are now visible on unmovable layout objects
  • Westhill paths adjusted and regenerated to avoid graphical holes
  • Autocross paths regenerated and physical hole fixed at skid pad
  • New text command /lang X to load language (data\language\X.txt)
  • FIX : LFS could crash using /axload with a long layout name
  • FIX : Traffic lights did not work after texture resolution change
  • FIX : Message text was faded on entering free view from escape menu
  • FIX : Removed message “Side mirror – point too central”

How to Update:

(If you already have version 0.5V or later) :
  • Click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Hosts" in LFS and choose a download mirror.
MANUAL PATCH (135 MB) - If you already have version 0.6M or later :
  • Click HERE and save the patch installer - You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.
FULL VERSION (525 MB) - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.
  • Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.

Live for Speed is available right now for Windows PC.
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Live for Speed 4.jpg

Check out the RaceDepartment Live for Speed sub forum to join in with your fellow community members and discuss this olden but golden racing title. It might have been around for a while, but its still going strong!

Do you still play Live for Speed? How does the game compare to more recent sims? Like the new update? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Oct 14, 2015
Come on guys, LFS is a legendary sim from another decade.. no matter how good physics are, we are in 2017 now.. This graphics are garbage!
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Ole Andreasen

Hey... wait up!
Jan 9, 2014
Amazing that this sim - in it´s third iteration (S3 - I myself have "only" an S2 licence) is still in version 0.6 - after 14 years of development. But it´s still fun to drive...


RDTCC S10 Champion
Jan 1, 2015
It is still the only sim that has any good autocross options, so I keep it around just for that. I wish they had a larger open area for it though. Is it possible to put in a mod track with a very large skid pad? I used it just the other day actually. It is old but still good.


May 8, 2015
people talking about graphics like it affects the physics, get a grip, its 2017, we're not supposed to use graphics from 15 years ago.
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Jan 3, 2016
Again,i dont care about graphics because i run RF2,AC,LFS etc in a 9 years old pc,but that is not the point here,is about LFS still one of the best sims out there,at least for me,is good that they keep it alive :)


Oct 14, 2016
It's not versus situation, if you still enjoy it then play it if you don't then don't.
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Couldn't agree more.. :) Folks are still modding, and racing online for NR2003 and the original Nascar Heat game. Heck NH is 16 years old, and they just recently release a Modified Mod, and will be releasing a brand new 2017 Cup mod, at the drop of the green flag the day of the Daytona 500. :) Not bad eh? Heck I love all these old games, plus I enjoy AMS big time. :)
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Kenny Paton

Sep 26, 2009
Heck NH is 16 years old,
Grand Prix Legends will be 20 next year and it's still going strong as well.
Let's face it the Nascar Heat reboot from last year, apart from the graphics, was way behind the quality of the original.
There is so much that LFS got right and that's why it is still played and loved by so many people.


Jan 7, 2017
I recently bought Project Cars. I'm kinda regretting it, because it has so many stupid bugs and misfeatures - e.g. the UI (can't change simple options while on track!? ffs!). The FFB also absolutely sucks on default settings, and while I am led to believe it can be fixed with carefully tweaked settings (there are only about 20 knobs for the FFB alone) I haven't yet managed it - so the road feel while driving is really crap. I'm using a really unusual wheel called a G27 though so it's understandable that the out-of-the-box settings for it are so sh*te.
BUT hey the graphics are pretty!

LFS on the other hand - yeah, 1990s graphics, but amazing racing experience, and the handling & physics feel pretty good to me. It certainly has issues but it's still the best sim I have personally driven. (I have yet to try AC or rFactor, but I gave up on iRacing partly because the handling was sucky.)
The only reason I haven't played LFS much in the last few years is that the online racing community for it basically died.

Given a choice between graphics or a decent sim? Some people go for graphics, but not me.

Marc Collins

Aug 25, 2011
The devs gave permission for the old Blackwood to be converted for rF2. I hope they allow this new one, as well. As much as I love LFS, it just isn't going to get used when we have rF2, AMS, AC, etc.