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Lister Storm @ Interlagos

Not completely satisfied with RSS' Lister clone (yclept 'Tornado'), I wanted the brutal torque that I felt the first time I drove the iconic Lister-Chevy in GTR2. So I've sampled Assett*garage's full-fledged Lister Storm at vhe's most excellent Interlagos because I wanted to make a point about 'getting the power down.' If you're spinning your wheels, you ain't accelerating. The key here is to set the power-side of the differential way down low: 10% in this case; some single-seaters with a higher power-to-weight ratio go even lower. You want to balance this with an almost-as-low coast side. (And a reasonably low pre-load if that's an option.) Even at the 10 setting, you need an educated right foot to keep the rear end from breaking away exiting Interlagos' several second-gear corners. Ten-lap race setup.


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