List of Simracing arcades?


I am seeking the best simracing arcades/ around the world. I want to know everything I can about the industry and maybe someday I will have my own business. I´m foremost interested in pretty basic setups. Please post link to cool sim arcades and if you have some personal experience, I would be more than happy to hear it. I also want to see some examples of the highend "arcades" proffessional racing teams got to for simulation training, just for nice dreams :)

I want the arcade to be affordable for everyone. VR is why I really got into simulator driving and It will be most important for simarcade in my oppinion, but ofcourse we cant forget the drivers who cant use VR for some reason or another. I also believe many of the people who have had a negative first experience with vr and simracing in general, will be amazed when they step into a decently thought out and properly tuned rig.

Here in Finland where I live, there is really no place in the whole country to go for simracing. A few VR arcades but thats it, correct me if I´m wrong.

One good thing that comes to mind about simracing is that the drivers tend to be a little older than gaming in general. I have no numbers to back this, just a gut feeling. Maybe an adults-only simracing lounge would work? Possibility to rent out for anyone of course with proper deal. I´m a cook by trade and have the liquorlicense, so for sure catering and bar would be part of the simracing arcade. In my town the NHL tournaments at the local bar get pretty wild sometimes I think the people would be really into rally and car racing, so it might be interesting to see the reaction If we had nice place to drive/race and chillout/have couple beer. We also have a irl racetrack nearby and couple teams around who might be interested in this kind of activities. And we are a touristy area in the winter, so there is that.

My dream right now is: Atleast 5 rigs side-by-side, so we can arrange rallycross live with full human roster. Also bigscreen and bar in a comfortable "stadium" for the fans. Allready have Yurt-Sauna ready, for some special sauna relax after long race, because here there has to be sauna :)

Edit: Almost forgot a big motivator. The girlfriends would apperciate if simrig would not be in the house. And the people who dont have space or "permission" for a proper rig would appreciate the opportunity to maybe rent a space from your local simracing arcade for your personal rig. Even make money of it, if you have the courage to rent it out...
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Alex Townsend

Kuala Lumpur
There is a place here in Malaysia called The Rift, which is a huge digital hall with VR set ups and an area with 8 Raceroom rigs set up on lan with 27 or 32inch screens Fanatec CSW2.5s and CSL Elite pedals with load cells.
It has a large screen for waiting drivers to watch the racing in between heats.
There is food and drink downstairs but, being set inside a VR fun park for kids as well as bigger kids/adults there is no alcoholic beverages for sale.
I should have pictures somewhere but if you search The Rift Megamall then you'll find it.

I think your idea is pretty awesome and good luck if you manage to pull it off. Would be a place I'd like to visit if I were ever in the part of the world! :thumbsup: