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NightEye87 submitted a new resource:

Linear map (rally style) - Rally style linear map

This is a linear track map. Inspired by rally games, etc.
This app has mostly been a "playground" for Python for me. I learned a lot by making this and I had a lot of support from some very patient people to make certain things work :inlove:

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It shows squares for stationary cars, triangles for moving cars (non-directional). Green for current car, yellow for all others. It uses abbreviated names on the right.
It has two buttons, "S" to toggle the split...

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maybe a option to change colors like blue to self etc for colorblinds like me :D
Inside the you'll find a section "#colours" in which you can adjust them :)
They are 0-1 instead of 0-255, but it shouldn't be too hard. R,G,B,A format.

I've got PNG's working but it's using too much CPU power (might not be noticeable?) and I can't get the active car to render on top with PNG's somehow.. Something for the future, maybe :)
NightEye87 updated Linear map (rally style) with a new update entry:

Added possibility to make track splits ingame

This update features the ability to add track split locations ingame. It will not auto-refresh to show them right away.

To make track splits, after opening up the app, click the cog icon. There you'll see a few buttons.
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The first two will toggle driver names and split locations visibility. These values are not stored but can be manually set through CM or settings.ini.

The other ones can be used to set split locations. Simply drive the track and whenever...

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This app looks cool.
I was thinking of an app to show distance with start line as many rally specials are not clear. Do you think it is possible to add that in yours?
Do you mean a counter with kilometers/miles left to finish?
I can have a look if I can guestimate those numbers.

Would that be useful on circuits as well, for you? Or only point to point tracks?
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No sorry, I mean a counter to display the distance to the start line, to help positioning at the start of the special
The app looks cool but isn't appearing for me. It looks like it fails to load. The py_log.txt shows the following error:

[ne_linearmap: error] Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "apps/python/ne_linearmap\", line 23, in <module>
    import settings
ImportError: No module named 'settings'

I'm using the 64-bit AC, with the v1.3 download of the app, and have tried the stock launcher as well as Content Manager.

Could the "settings" app/module be a dependency from something I don't have, or is it meant to be built-in but not on my system for some reason? Or maybe I've turned off something it needs?

Thanks for your time!
"" was used previously for storing settings. With the use of a config parser that changed to "settings.ini" so the game can't find "" anymore. Simply delete that line (line 23, "import settings") from the file and it should be fine.

I wonder why you're getting an error message and I'm not. Strange. If more people report this, I'll upload a new version.
I removed the
import settings
and then got a similar error about the "sim_info" module. Removed the
from sim_info import info
line as well, and now the app appears in-game, and seems to work to some extent at least.

The py_log.txt now has lots of errors about things trying to use the "info" module which isn't defined, so I guess it's not completely working.
The info module is used to obtain the split time. It's needed if you record new split locations because there is no other way of telling when a player drives through a timing gate. It's not a vital function and overall the app will still work :)

Try this one (remove .txt).


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