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GTR2 Lights on yall!?

This might have been asked in the past before but I am still wondering if there is a hint in GTR2 to make AI turn on lights in they daytime as well like at Le Mans for ex.!? Thx for possible answers. :)


I couldn't find back a post I saw long ago .... but there's a trick which might easily work.

For each car ... lights have 2 dds ... one for lights off and the second for lights on.
These are the names of those 2 tga ( or dds ):
- NAMEOFTHECAR_LIGHTS00.TGA ( or .DDS ).... = lights off
- NAMEOFTHECAR_LIGHTS01.TGA ( or .DDS ).... = lights on
NB: they are mostly included in a GTR file needing GEditor to open it.

The easy solution is replace the tga or dds for lights off by the one of lights on but keeping of course the name NAMEOFTHECAR_LIGHTS00.TGA ....
The result will be that lights always will remain on... day and night. .... as 00 or 01 will be the same texture. ( the ON one ).

EDIT: test done and that works:


Of course the rear lights are also always on.

NB: just a trick not to loose the original tga or dds without saving them:
- open the needed GTR file
- export the NAMEOFTHECAR_LIGHTS01.TGA ( or .DDS ) in the folder of the car
- rename it NAMEOFTHECAR_LIGHTS00.TGA ( or .DDS )
This will be enough .... the one loose in the folder will replace the one included in the GTR file
This way ... if you wish to retrieve the lights as before ( on-off ), just deleting the one you added in the car folder ... will work easily
No danger to loose the original even if you forget to save it.
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Well that is actually only one car in that pic but nevermind. Will give it a shot nevertheless! Thx a lot! Will report back then. :)
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If these are 3rd party cars mod....
Just to be precise .... yes that's only 1 car on the pic.... but as all same cars surely have the same .cas file pointing to the same .gtr file .... all different skins for this car will have those same lights.

NB: that's the case for the example pic .... all same cars have those lights on, no matter what team.