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    This might be depressing to many here. I work with a 36 year old woman. Yesterday she told me she needed to leave work as her partner was not well, suffering from an extreme headache.

    At 7pm today, we were informed he was dead due to swelling on the brain. She is pregnant with her second child due in February.

    I am still trying to make sense of it, but I never will. I have no points nor arguments to make, other than to ask all to remember that life is short, and sometimes so cruelly short.

    My dad has had cancer three times, yet his wife, my mother, died last year from dementia. She never smoker, never drank. Life is random. You never know what you have until it is gone.

    My lesson from this is to make sure you have taken financial care of your loved ones if you go. Other than that, hope for the best.

    Sorry for the rant.
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    Man that sucks, I hate hearing about parents of young ones dying.

    Life is short alright.