Life as defined by the four attributes of Diablo (W.I.P.)

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    I will make this as short as possible since these attributes are deep in their definitions.

    Life is complex and full of almost infinite variables. But, all these variables can be defined individually based on the four Diablo attributes that can define a person.

    Those attributes are:

    I define Strength as how powerful and hardy a person is.

    The more Strength a person has, the more powerful and tough that person is. Having lots of Strength means you are resilient and you have difficulty being faltered and disoriented.

    Aspects of pure Strength range from bodybuilders, American football players who play more sedentary positions in the game, and, other jobs and professions that mostly require brawn.

    Men have a natural advantage over women when it comes to Strength. However, that shouldn't deter a woman from having plenty of Strength.

    Dexterity is the overall fluidity of your body. Do you have responsive reflexes? Are you flexible? Do you have precise coordination?

    Aspects of pure Dexterity range from athletes who play sports that require them to use certain bodily actions, many of the world's greatest martial artists, and, even trapeze artists in a circus.

    Women have a natural advantage over men in Dexterity. But, men have proven time and again they can have very fluid bodies.

    Intelligence is how sharp and attuned your mind is. I sum it up with this question: "Can you detect life's greatest illusions?" Having higher Intelligence means you can read subtleties easily; It also means you can easily read the shrewd nature of many individuals and you are not easily hoodwinked. Higher Intelligence also means you can use it to be more cunning and guile when it benefits you most. It also means you are more connected to reality than those with less Intelligence.

    Aspects of pure Intelligence range from scientists, college professors, and many of the world's greatest minds.

    Men and women are intelligent in their own respective esoteric ways.

    Vitality as I define it is your life overall. How do you feel about life as a whole? Are you physically healthy? Are you emotionally healthy? How often do you interact with other people? Do you make a lot of good decisions? Do you make a lot of bad decisions? How do you deal with whatever issues you have in your life? Vitality is defined very deeply.

    Some individuals can be purely one of the first three attributes, they can be half of one and half of another, or, even a little bit of all three.

    A person of one attribute has the potential to be a master in that attribute.

    A person with half of one attribute and half of another (in my case, I am half of Strength and half of Intelligence) is neither a master of either attributes, but, he/she is very proficient in both.

    People who are a little bit of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence are neither masters of any, but, they can be well-versed in many tasks that require use of one of those three.

    I hope I made this short and concise and didn't bore anyone in the process.

    If you read this, maybe you'll know where your proficiencies lie, but, this is not a guide to set you straight or anything; this is simply a basic analysis you can use to discover what you tend to be.
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