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License Help

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by WA4REG, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. WA4REG


    The alp is locked and when i go to the site to get a new Lic. it say I dont have any new lic. so i download the lic. from the list and it still locked my old computer went bad and i`vw built another one what can I do
    I am lic. member WA4REG-3008-20100105073404
  2. WA4REG


    paypal recite
    Payment Details
    Transaction ID:[​IMG]1KM12465WY836543VItem Price:[​IMG]$69.95 AUDTotal:[​IMG]$69.95 AUDOrder Description:[​IMG]Bobs Track Builder Pro - Single UserItem/Product Number:[​IMG]1001Buyer:[​IMG]Robert Garner
  3. Kytt


    If you built new computer then you have to wait when your license expires by date, then send new HID file. Or wait new BTB 0.9 where everyone will get new license
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