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LFS: V0.6U Update Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Live for Speed Updated.jpg

Live for Speed has been updated.

Having had probably one of the longest development periods in the history of sim racing, Live for Speed continues to live on in all of its glory no less than 16 years after the game released back on July 2003!

Still popular, the game developers have been steadily teasing some new graphical enhancements coming to the simulation over recent months (check them out here), and now it's time to get our hands on a fresh new build of the game.

Highlights of the update released recently include some enhancements to VR support within the sim (yup, VR support in a 16 year old title), a raft of AI enhancements and a whole range of other stuff - as can be seen in the notes below:

  • New setting "View lock" can be set to car / filter / horizon
  • FIX: Offset mirror was not drawn offset in forces draw (F)
  • Updated to the latest version of OpenVR (1.2.10)
  • Pimax headsets can now be used in native mode (rotated eye views)
  • Minimum value for manual FOV setting reduced from 80 to 75 degrees
  • FIX: An error in OpenVR caused Samsung Odyssey+ wrong eye levels
  • FIX: A loss of accuracy in the automatic FOV calculation
  • Server side improvement to speed up recovery when there is lag
  • FIX: Timing bug that allowed damage repair to be done in zero time
  • You can now set the skill level of individual AI drivers
  • Single player race limit increased to 32 drivers (AI + real)
  • You can now change AI live settings / pit instructions (F11 / F12)
  • Command /aiskill X to set skill level 1 to 5 (for adding new AI)
  • Command /aiset name X to set AI driver 'name' to skill level X
  • Command /aiset_all X to set all local AI drivers to skill X
  • FIX: In overtaking lesson all AI drivers had PRO skill level
  • FIX: Non-qualifying race restart affected the overtaking lessons
  • FIX: Spam "This car does not have a handbrake" when hit parked AI
  • Increased resolution of dashboard texture
  • Faster saving of screenshots when you press CTRL+S
  • Driver name and AI skill level are now shown in F11 / F12 windows
  • Entry screen shows "Unlock Live for Speed" instead of "Demo racer"
  • New key CTRL+P to copy the LFS window to clipboard excluding border
  • FIX: Some narrow unicode characters corrupted by an incorrect width
  • FIX: Host options could state "no bans" before clicking "edit bans"
  • FIX: Character dialog could be messed up when selecting languages
  • Gearshift debounce code changed to help with the button release
  • SHIFT+F2/F3 can adjust time in single player mode (not hotlapping)
  • FIX: Attributes no longer copied when opening file by command line
  • FIX: Crash at startup when loading a corrupted car model file
  • Most translations updated. Thank you translators!

16 years on, still going strong!

Live for Speed is available for PC now.

Check out the Live for Speed sub forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news and discussion regarding the old but still very much gold racing simulation.

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Ole Andreasen

The sim that refuse to lay down and die. Every time I install a new update I spent an hour or so in LFS. And have fun. Still waiting for the Scirocco though. :roflmao:
Won't even consider playing this with that driver model
It is ugly isn't it...looks a bit like an artificial limb or a claw holding the steering wheel.
Rfactor2' driver hands are also not great. I'd actually mentioned it during the very earliest days of BETA testing.
In that sim the driver's hand-position relative to the steering wheel, would suggest elbows way out and high....a 'hunched' stance.
The gloved material is also way too smooth...no wrinkles.
For pure shits and giggles I am now downloading it.

I was a "die hard LFS Fan" back in the day and not tested anything since, I forget what patch it was, F maybe.

Lets see what this brings

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