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    We thought this was too cool (and a very rare thing to happen) not to share with you all... :cool:

    'Level Games Magazine', in Romania, is a printed magazine for PC & Console gaming and products.
    They also have a website: www.level.ro

    They have reviewed Power&Glory in it's latest version (v3.0) through a detailed eight page article, where it scored the maximum score, a perfect "10" (out-of-10), something extremely rare according to our source.
    They have also voted P&G v3 as the "Best Mod Of The Year" in their 'Game Of The Year 2012' article.

    We received some images that I'll be attaching to this post.

    Personally, and most of all, I think both the reviewer and the magazine deserve huge praise. It's uncommon to see PC games modding products receiving attention (if any at all) from the PC & Console gaming specialized press, much less indepth looks, thorough analysis or even scores and awards.
    Certainly a great example to follow for other game reviewers and magazines (printed or web based). I'm sure anyone involved in PC games modding (whatever the gaming genre), be it as modders or users, will agree with this.

    And as if having P&G receiving attention from specialized press wasn't already something for the team to be really proud of, we even had a dedicated review article on P&G v3, with a trully perfect score, and even a "Mod Of The Year" award!
    There have been many external contributors to the Power&Glory project, and we hope they also feel congratulated.

    The GTLW mod team would like to express their gratitude to Marius Ghinea and 'Level Games Magazine' in Romania. THANK YOU!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ross McGregor

    Congratulations guys! Well deserved!