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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Fritz Anker, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Fritz Anker

    Fritz Anker

    I really don't want to post this. Posts like this rarely represent the author's intent and often seem like over-griping or malicious in some way, but I feel I should and hopefully in a different helpful vein. In the very least I hope it may help those understand what they will, and perhaps more importantly, what they will not get with the purchase price. Also, considering RSeat has just revealed their newest GT seat rig, the N1, the timing of this post may indeed be apropos.

    Last August I purchased the RS1 AC version. I had been a prior customer of RSeat with a purchase of their EVO3 a few years ago and wanted to upgrade after reading reviews. It is definitely a solid upgrade offering a great many upgrades. To wit: no flex in the steering column, seat sliders, a better designed pedal stand, all within a fairly compact and nice looking rig. Add to that their upgrades: keyboard/mouse pad, button box, Buttkicker mount, even a motion platform it proves to be a modular rig as well. It isn't cheap, but it isn't the most expensive and it does give a very nice solution for any sim racer.

    What it doesn't give is any customer service. None. And you may want to take this into account if you are thinking of purchasing from RSeat.

    Their website showcases in many places their 2 year warranty (3 years now for the N1) and 24/7 live support for its customers. In my experience that may be *technically* true: they do offer a warranty and the internet is technically on 24/7 but in no way do RSeat actually have either of these. Emails have gone unanswered for months, their support page and chat service is a "we'll get back to you" and even their Facebook account leaves the same message with no follow up. Give caution when purchasing if relying on these offers as they do not actually exist and when purchasing purchase with caution using PayPal or a reliable CC. Ordering will also leave flat any correspondence from RSeat. No tracking number, no options for signing at delivery - nothing. In order to track processing, visit the website and check if shipped.

    My RS1 delivered fine, though. Thankfully, as I was not available for delivery and my *only* opportunity to evaluate my purchase or refuse delivery was gone.

    Do I recommend the RS1? Sure! It is a great product and I have enjoyed it even with the few problems I have encountered and the N1 looks to be even better. But, what I have to realize and what I want to share here is: there is no warranty, no 24/7 support, no customer service whatsoever. Once it reaches your doorstep it is yours. Good, bad, or ugly. More than likely it will be good, very good indeed but buyer beware do not expect anything from RSeat beyond the delivery.
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  2. Jean Marie Zmiro

    Jean Marie Zmiro

    Hi Fritz,

    This is Jean-Marie from RSeat-Europe. we're not in charge of your area, but we already reply to you on Fb some minutes ago.

    We want to apologies about your issue. We already send the message to the person in charge of your area to look after your issue.

    We, at RSeat-Europe, have an access to the RSeat Fb Page, so we saw your message, but we don't have the e-mail, we have our dedicated e-mail access. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it's always great to have opportunities to improve with feedbacks, especially when it 'swell said, and not we the intention to "yell" about something, but just to say "take care".

    Hope you will enjoy your product, and we will take care of you in private.

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  3. Fritz Anker

    Fritz Anker

    Thanks JM,

    Really do appreciate the post and the FB reply as well. Glad you read my post with the proper intent. I do very much like my RS1 and want to continue enjoying it well beyond the warranty period ends (if that N1 doesn't get me first).

    I have emailed RSeat America several times, left chat requests a few times, and have even sent an email directly through the registered RSeat Support website. Hopefully, with your help we can get these issues resolved.

    Best Regards,

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  4. Metzger82


    Fritz, this post does not surprise me knowing where they came from :)

    Once I wanted rseat rs1 since I live 60 miles from where they build them but oficialy they do not sell in the country (paradox eh..) I wrote them an email to ask if it is possible to buy one and come to get it straight from the "factory" if I can call it that way.. Well, I never recieved an answer :)
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  5. Moxley6969



    Lol what a joke of a company, Wont even sell locally. :roflmao::laugh::roflmao:
  6. Turk


    If you're buying anything in Europe you have a years warranty under law, no matter what the company likes to think. I'm not sure if it's longer. I think electronics have a two year warranty, but I don't think it's the same for non electronic items.

    That's why, if possible you should always go through a European supplier (if you're a European) because you'll have some come back and protection under European laws.

    It's a shame these days that after sales support is so poor. It's just the nature of our economies, we value price above all else and one thing these companies can cut pretty easily is customer support, they already have your money by the time you find out it's below expectations, so they lose out on nothing in the short term..

    Although in their defence servicing products on the other side of the planet isn't easy or cheap. But they should have thought of that before they started sending seats to places where they couldn't service them.
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  7. Fritz Anker

    Fritz Anker

    Well, I hope they come through. They are a relatively young company, 2011 I think, so it's to be somewhat expected there will be gaps in their business model. I tend to want to think companies aren't out to get the fast buck and move on - as that is a sure way to fail. As far as warranty, I'm in the US and there are laws here too, but it's kind of a "good luck to you" trying to collect. The product is solidly built, but sh!t happens the difference is how/if a company responds when it does.

    ...if I had the time and the talent, I'd try to build what @Moxley6969 created. But alas I have neither.
  8. M-Bimmer

    Still on 20” winter tyres. Back to 22” soon

    Thank you for creating this thread. It is really good to know that.
    I am really interested in buying the RS1 AC edition because it is a nice bundle for that price (It is still expensive compared to RaceRoom RR3055 which is a bargain in comparison but it seems to me that Rseat RS1 is more compact and has better quality and that's why i am willing to spend more).

    Still it would be good to know if
    - Is the seat really comfortable for long driving session?
    - Is the keyboard/mouse tray stable?
    - How long does it to assemble it?

    Would be interested to know before pulling the trigger.
    Thanks in advance.


    Not sure if someone can comment on the below but it is good to know anyways.

    "For a while I've been looking for a good solution to mount my Fanatec rally handbrake to my RSeat RS1 chassis in the correct position next to the shifter. With the release of the new RSeat N1 I was able to figure it out. My solution looks great and works perfectly. I thought I would share.
    I bought the N1 shifter-handbrake kit from RSeat. I only had to drill 2 new holes in the RS1 seat bracket to allow the N1 kit to mount. The new kit is nice and sturdy and has a lot more adjustability than the original RS1 shifter kit did. Unfortunately the shifter base plate bracket that comes with the N1 kit does NOT correctly fit my Fanatec shifter. This new baseplate is much too small. The new one is the black one. Thankfully the RS1 shifter baseplate that I was already using is a direct fit on the new arm on the N1 kit (the old one is the red one). I think this is a mistake made by RSeat. They should have kept the same exact baseplate in this new kit."
    More info in
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  9. Surya Prihadi

    Surya Prihadi

    Hi Guys,

    I am new here....

    I am from Asia, Indonesia to be exact. Had same super-slow response from RSEAT Asia, which is based in Singapore. I think Rseat HQ works with re-distribution companies and not a real representative being in that country, at least in Asia this is the case. At such niche but small market globally, its too expensive if Rseat HQ not using re-distribution companies service..I think.

    Rseat Asia is handled by E3 Distribution Pte Ltd

    Since I know Rseat is made in Bulgaria, I then contacted Rseat Europe after communication breakdown with RSeat Asia representative. Breakdown as in, 1 time only my email get replied and 3 weeks later all went silent after 3 more emails I sent. Weird....

    If USA side of Rseat is slow too in response, that means only Rseat Europe is "working".
    Thanks to Jean ( who relied to OP), he is the same person who actually assisted me TWICE to push Rseat Asia to reply to my email comms. What a disaster at Rseat Asia !

    If an Rseat Asia salesman/rep does not like money, I am at a loss :)
    How in the world a buyer with US$2.3K at hand buying just bended pipes, needed to keep chasing a salesman, so that that the buyer can throw money for the seller ...LOL.

    In fact only today and thanks to Jean of RSeat Europe, I can throw US$2.3K to Rseat Asia distribution company that E3 Distribution Pte Ltd. Rseat Asia rep still at silent mode !!
    E3 Distribution Pte Ltd billed me and in 2 hours I wired and they received, done deal.

    I think if Rseat HQ in Bulgaria is reading this, they better do something about Rseat USA and Asia, the representative they hire should be at least as good+fast+knowledgeable as Jean. Jean replied to my request never later than 24 hours. I am at UTC +7 time zone.

    Leo-Bodnar and Heusinkveld Engineering replied to my email inquiry within 24 - 36 hours.
    I paid them same day I got their invoice and these two stuff already in my hand today.
    On the other hand, Rseat Asia inquiry which I started much earlier on 15th April due to some tech questions on my worry of chassis flex possibility because of the Leo-Bodnar Koll motor #52 and H-E 55kg push value brake pedal , only today I am able to pay RSeat Asia. What a joke :)

    Sadly RSeat Asia does not stock ButtKicker mounting plate.:(

    That is my experience for RSeat Asia.

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