F1 2013 Legend AI wet pace

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
So I just started Monaco qualifying in a Sauber and it's full wet. During practice, it was inters weather, and I managed to set a pace .5 seconds quicker than Hulkenburg, but now in Q1 I'm struggling to beat the Marussias and Caterhams. I'm doing 1.26s while the midfield is all below 1.25. Does anyone else feel like the ai is way too fast in the wet, especially during qualifying? I have no idea what to do. Is there any way I can reduce the ai wet pace? I like the legend dry pace, but it seems impossible to do a 1.25 around Monaco in heavy rain. This is really screwing with my enjoyment of the game, as it happened in China and Malaysia as well. Suddenly the ai finds 3-5 seconds in the wet and leaves me in the dust.

you can change this in the file ai_driver_parameter_mappings.xml, located in the "ai" folder. Search for those lines:

<mapping ai_variable="wet_weather_ability" characteristic="wet_weather_ability" type="NEFloat" value="1.0" num_limits="4">
<limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.95</limit>
<limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="1.0">1.0</limit>
<limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.95</limit>
<limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="1.0">1.0</limit>

If you want to reduce their speed in wet conditions, you will have to modify the values I've put in bold above. Try something like 0.935 for the lines 1 and 3, and 0.985 for the lines 2 and 4, and see the result. Do small variations because those settings seem quite sensitive and a change of 0.01 will be noticeable.

If you don't already have it, you will need the Ryder BXML Convertor to open the .xml