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League Racing Rules

Discussion in 'XB1 | F1 2017 Championship' started by Karl Fuss, Mar 4, 2015.

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  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    It seems that with the recent changes to the RD licencing system we have also lost the RD racing Rules thread. We were (and still are) racing under the RD rules (wherever they are) but, in absence of them I will post our old rules and update it in the future if necessary.

    Rules and regulations of the league
    1. Introduction:

    Welcome to the 2014 RD F1 Championship Rules and Regulations!
    In this document you can find the basic rules of the F1 2014 Xbox F1 Championship. Every driver is expected to have read and agreed upon these rules, because they safeguard the quality and driving standard of the competitions which is to everyone’s benefit. We have tried to provide a clear and relatively short set of rules that still cover most of the situations the staff, teams and drivers can get involved in. If a situation is not covered by the championship regulations the organizers and or staff will decide how it must be dealt with. They have the last word in all matters concerning the championship

    This document has been adapted from the Race Department Rules and Regulations to suit F1 2013 for this Xbox league. If there is a conflict between the interpretation of these rules and those officially published by RD then the RD rules will prevail. Please respect these rules under all circumstances!!!

    Signup, Starting Time, Car Allocation, Communication

    Races are on Sunday Night – 100% distance – no assists
    1a) Race Signup:
    With 16 seats to fill there will be more organising. So you are required to sign up for that weeks racein Race Department 48 hours before race start(19:30 the Friday before). If you have not signed up by this time your seat may be handed to a reserve and you will then be a reserve for that race. Repeated late signups or no shows may jeopardize you race seat. After one instance of late signup, for further instances drivers will be subject to a "no qualify" penalty for that raceand stay in the pit garage without entering the trackand start from the back . Please help us help you!

    1b) Start Time:Sunday night: On XBL by 19.15 for race start 19:30GMT (London, GBR). In British Summer time this will be GMT+1 (British Summer time). Be there as soon as possible after 19:15. A 19:30 arrival is late!
    If you believe you may be delayed by not longer than 10 minutes then a message 48 hours before the race should be posted in your group thread for the relevant race so that it gives the host and all players notice that it may be starting slightly later. It however is at their discretion whether to wait for the latecomer or not and latest race start in any event will be 20:15. If during the lobby time and during the Qualification Session someone disconnects the host will send another Invite to the Person(s) that Disconnected. Provided they can rejoin in time, they will race from the back of the grid. No Qualifying or Race restarts are permitted. Please take into account that not every clock shows the exact same time, that is why we introduced the rule that drivers should be in the lobby 15 minutes before the race.

    1c) Car Allocation:To teams based on their preference. However if one car is preferred by more than 1 team the issue will then be based on teams previous season points. Cup points and Championship points are equal.

    1d) Communication:We require that drivers have headsets and can communicate for important lobby information/briefings, safety/blue flag information etc if required in the race. Be aware that with 16 drivers we will need strong comms discipline IE no running commentaries or light chat when people are on track. If not in proximity of other drivers you can mute your headset if preferred. Bad language and abuse is not tolerated. If you have been hit and inconvenienced by another driver you can request he allow you to retake position and that is it. If he doesn’t, then deal with it later via a “steward’s enquiry”. For experienced and safe drivers we will allow muting or XBL "team chat".

    2) Staff:
    The group of persons organising the championship for the Race Department.
    Official List of Championship Moderators and Race Stewards
    Karl Fuss/niblips2
    Chris Hempsall/TheHemps

    3. Orientation:

    3.1 Forum
    The league is run through RD. The forum is the most important tool of communication between the organizers/staff and the drivers. This is where you keep up to date and sign up each race. Every driver therefore needs to have a forum account on Race Department to allow this communication.

    The drivers are expected to keep themselves updated on the contents of the forum of their specific championship. That forum contains the important information about the championship itself (such as news, the calendar, standings, press releases and conferences, briefings and sign-up instructions).
    Talking about the race later is part of the fun! Please participate actively in post race discussions.
    Paddock chat is encouraged so please feel free to talk about anything and everything F1 related there.

    Please do not start new threads in the championship forums unless you have the permission of the staff to do so!

    3.2 Conditions

    Sim racing is a challenging sport that requires the preparation and practice of the drivers to perform well. Race Department demands of their drivers that they prepare themselves well before a race. This means that the driver has to have enough control over the car to drive a series of clean laps on a reasonable pace without spinning, or crashing. It also means that the driver knows the tracks well enough to cleanly drive the ideal line and to overtake or be overtaken without causing an accident. The driver must adopt a clean driving style, through which he always tries to avoid contact with other drivers and the barriers. Race Department Championships are meant for clean and competitive races, not for biff and barge style racing.

    Every driver that enters a championship for F1 2014 XBOX automatically agrees to respect and keep to the Race Department Championship Regulations as written in this document and agrees to respect the authority of the staff.

    The staff holds the right to remove or exclude any driver at any time from any championship (at Race Department) if they think he does not meet these conditions.

    4. Events & Sessions:

    4.1 Season Pre-qualification (Online Quali)
    Online Qualification times must be set by all members to determine which drivers are placed onto which grid, and also to determine teammates. 3 tracks will be chosen and posted in the forum. Online sessions will be held and the drivers fastest lap times will be recorded. The three fastest times (one from each circuit) will be added together to give a Total time per driver. The drivers will then be ranked by their time, placed into the appropriate grid and paired together to form teams. Driver #1 will be paired with driver #16, driver #2 with #15 and so on. We reserve the right to move drivers to another championship group if they are obviously too fast or too slow for their championship group.

    4.2 League Race Qualification
    Will occur on the race night as per the in-game system. With 16 drivers involved take care and plan to find your gap.

    4.3 Points distribution
    After the race has finished, a screenshot of qualifying and the race results must be sent to the organiser of the race for official points allocation. Please have someone nominated in advance for this job. After having received the screenshots of the results, the points will be awarded to the drivers (Drivers Championship) and the teams (Constructors Championship), according to the scoring system decided.
    To allow for disconnections, bad luck and real world events only your best 15 results will count.

    In the event of a tie in the WDC then a countback will occur. Firstly counting the number of wins, driver with most wins will prevail. If equal on wins then # of P2s , If equal on P2s then P3s until a driver is found to have a superior result.

    4.4 Minimum Grid
    Where human driver participation is lower than 12, and the majority of the drivers agree, the grid will be topped up using a maximum of 4 cars from tier 5 AI to equal a total of 12 cars. If the total number of human drivers is less than 7 or a total grid of 11 then the committee will decide if the race is to be topped up to 12 with more AI or declared a "non points paying race". Such a declaration to be made before starting.

    1st: 25 points

    2nd: 18 points

    3rd: 15 points

    4th: 12 points

    5th: 10 points

    6th: 8 points

    7th: 6 points

    8th: 4 points

    9th: 2 points

    10th: 1 point

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  2. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    5. Rules for driving and behaviour:
    Racing can be unpredictable and difficult situations can arise. Race Department uses the following rules on driving and behaviour.

    5.1 The track and cutting corners
    Racing happens on the track, not off the track. The track is edged by clear lines (usually white, sometimes yellow). Everything outside these lines is not part of the track. So curbstones, grass areas, gravel traps, walls and tarmac or concrete outside the lines are not part of the track. Sometimes there are no lines. In that case the track is edged by curbstones, grass areas, gravel traps or walls; whatever is the nearest. Drivers must always, whilst being in control of the car, remain within the track edges and thus over the track surface with at least two wheels. When a driver takes a shorter, off-track, route through a corner, the move is considered as cutting. Cutting is forbidden at all times and will probably cause you to be warned in game. Consistent cutting may result in a penalty (either game issued or manual).

    5.2 Flag signals, the Safety car and their meanings.
    Based on real racing series the games use flag signals as well to communicate. However they might function slightly different here.

    AYellow Flagindicates danger on a specified section of the track. Drivers are to drive cautiously on the scene of an accident. Overtaking is not allowed in this situation.

    ABlue Flagindicates a faster driver is closing in. When a driver receives a blue flag signal he must let the faster driver pass within 3 corners. This means he must allow the faster driver to pass at a safe opportunity. The faster driver must co- operate with the slower driver to help provide the opportunity to pass.

    ABlack Flagindicates a penalty for the driver receiving the flag. The game usually provides the details of the penalty, which can vary from a drive-through penalty to disqualification.

    ARed Flagindicates the race has been stopped, we don’t know how the red flag will affect the sessions until testing is done.

    ASafety Carmay come out if there has been a crash theoretically blocking the track. The Safety car stays out for normally 1-2 laps. The Safety Car will pick up the leader so if you approach the Safety Car and the leader isn't there and it is showing green lights on its roof you can go straight past it and possibly unlap yourself! Please Note that you can pit but can’t serve Drive Thru's under during a Safety Car period.

    5.3i)Basic RD Racing rules including Overtaking and Defending
    Race Department uses some basic rules to improve racing and prevent accidents.
    Be friendly on the track and off it.
    If you hit another driver during a race and disadvantage him, regardless of whether the game issues you with a penalty or not we expect you to stop and let the other driver regain his position on you. So you may find yourself having to stop and do this and then serve a drive through. If this costs you many places (e.g. first few laps) then consider this a penalty for your driving infringement. Doing this shows respect to your fellow drivers and will encourage drivers to be more careful. Please use some care when letting the other driver regain position, do not immediately stop your car on the driving line where it can cause further accidents. The best solution is to not hit anyone!

    Follow all safety rules as if you were in a real car on a real track: use the pit speed limiter in pit lane, observe all safety flags and lights, no donuts in the pit lane or on the track.
    If you are involved in an accident, do not intentionally leave your car parked on the driving line where it can cause interference to other drivers, or result in more accidents. Return to the pit box safely and repair your car to continue the race.
    If you spin or crash advise the other driver and get back on to the track as safely as possible.
    If you accidentally leave the track for whatever reason you must wait till there is a clear safe gap before rejoining the track. Upon rejoining the track, get up to speed as quickly as possible without blocking the racing line.
    Do not attempt U-turns on the racing line. You will cause an accident.
    Do not deliberately cut the track. The white (or yellow) line marks the edge of the road: don't cross them with more than two wheels.
    No purposely crashing into each other.
    When defending your position you are allowed one move. If you choose to take the inside line into a corner to defend your position you must keep that line through the corner.
    When exiting the pits stay within the white line on the exit or you may be penalized if you impede another driver by cutting the line. If there is proof of you cutting the white line you will be penalised.
    You are not permitted to destroy your car after setting your qualifying lap. You must either drive back to the garage or "retire from session". If stewards feel that a tyre wear advantage has been gained by destroying a car they may consider issuing a penalty such as a compulsory lap 1 pit stop.

    5.3ii)Further interpretation and elaboration on these rules follows:
    We ask that you drive your car as if you are paying for the carbon fibre and front wings/repairs and do yourverybest to avoid contact.

    a) Overtaking means going past someone, not through him.(NO going Through GHOSTS) Drivers are not allowed to push cars out of the way in order to overtake them.

    b) You must find a clean pass through pace, pressure and skill. It is not acceptable to make a move that predictably will result in contact. A driver can only attempt a pass when there is room for it and when the chance is reasonably high that it will work without contact. On road courses this means that the overtaking car must be able to get a significant overlap with the defending car before they get to the turn-in point of a corner. It also means that the overtaking car must be able to make the corner without cutting.

    c) The defending driver is allowed to defend his position by moving off his racing line once only. As soon as the overtaking car has overlap the defending driver can only use the width of the track between the overtaking car on the one side and the track boundary on the other side to move in, without applying physical force to widen it. IE he must provide racing room for a driver who is alongside with significant overlap.

    5.4 Chatting
    Talking in a race is advised but only forcrucial informationas it can distract other drivers. To drive a proper race concentration is required and to make sure this concentration is not broken it is advisable not to chat during qualification and race sessions.Note: verbalising a running commentary on your own particular race is not the way to win new friends.

    5.5 The 75% rule.
    If a driver is still racing when the leader has covered 75% or more of race distance but doesn’t finish the race, they will get half the points of the position that follows the last driver that finished. If there is more than one driver in this situation then points will be allocated in order of the lap the driver DNF’d.

    5.6 Etiquette in qualifying and being lapped.
    We will have up to 16 racers this season. During qualifying if you are not on a hot lap always be aware of the people around you and do not hold up anyone on a fast lap.
    Blue Flag: When being lapped in the race, move out of the way of the car lapping you as quickly but as safely as possible. Do not alter your line or braking for a faster car behind you. Unpredictable moves have a way of ending the race for both of you. Let the faster car dictate when and where to initiate a pass, and only then you are free to assist by easing off the throttle.
    Note:Watch the mini map and rear view, be aware when you are about to be lapped. Before corners we are all slowing down as fast as we can sowhen being lapped it is generally safer and more effective (and less costly to you) to get off the racing line and out of the throttle aftera corner (early on a straight). Simply doing this in an acceleration zone will usually give a clean stress free pass. This is preferable to doing anything radical to stop your car in a braking zone or put it in funky places (grass, kitty litter, runoff areas) to make it disappear. Communicate with the other driver to let him know you have seen him.
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  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    6. Incidents, Appeals & Penalties:

    We have been blessed in the past season with very clean drivers on the whole and almost no incidents of concern. We hope that continues. It may however happen that rules get violated. In such cases it is up to the drivers to report the violation. The staff encourages this and will only investigate incidents that are reported by drivers. No report = no investigation = no penalty. If a drivers actions have stressed you please allow 24 hours to cool down before making a report of bad driving/rule violation.

    A report can be sent to the race organizers who will then ask for witnesses and a response from the offending driver. It must always contain:

    * The name of the reported driver (the violator)

    * A short objective description of the incident, without rant and detailing the impact on your race.

    You must always send the report with your own forum account. You can only send a report if you were actually in the race. Report from outsiders will be not be considered.

    Reports must be sent within 48 hours of the race, (so between 24 and 48!) Reports that come in too late might not be considered.
    Race organizers may consider penalties such as but not limited to: 20 sec time penalty, No qualifying for next race (so start at back of grid), points deduction from that event, a suspension for a set duration, in severe cases ejection from the league and revocation of RD race license.
    • Cutting

    This refers to a driver taking a shorter line through a corner by moving his car off the track.

    • Apex

    This is the point in a corner where the ideal racing line meets the inside of the track.

    • KERS
    Currently the regulations permit the systems to convey a maximum of 60kw (approximately 80bhp), while the storage capacity is limited to 400 kilojoules. This means that the 80bhp is available for anything up to 6.67s per laps, which can be released either all in one go, or at different points around the circuit. Lap time benefits range from approximately 0.1 to 0.4s.

    Stands for (Drag Reduction System). A slot in the rear wing that opens to reduce the drag and gain more acceleration and top speed. DRS may be used as much as you want in qualifying but may only be used in 1 or 2 places (depending on the track) in the race. The system uses an detection point on the track to measure if you are 1 second or under from the car ahead (be it someone your racing or a back marker) if you are under 1 sec then you may use DRS on the activations point(s) for that lap.
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