Le Mas du Clos 2006


Cedric Beugnet

Another French track released for GTR-evolution
This time it's Le Mas du Clos from TheSky.


LUPDATE 08/10/2008
Le Mas du clos 2006 V1.1 for GTR Evolution

1) Large curve after the Starting line correction bug (cars which flies)
2) High part of circuit, tires green edge of track put in collision.
3) Integration of the file CAMWOOD of “PatrickRamirez” of the forum of “http://www.nogripracing.com”
4) Correction of the bug “left under Windows” before the starting line towards the tires black " or there are the 2 gendarmes” on the line.
5) Addition of a rail of safety in this part there!.

6) rewriting total of all the circuit with 3DsimED to avoid the problem of impossiblity setting out again when one leaves the track, the wheels does not touch toujour the ground (problem known with BobTrackBuilder). In same temp loss of textures mixed that auroriser B.T.B. A complete retexturing of the circuit and envisaged in Version 2 of the circuit

Correction AIW for GTR Evolution
available here: http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=13677