Le mans to be the last race of this season

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Xosé Estrada

Dear drivers and team owners,

I was talking to several people in this last times and the impressions they all transmitted me are always the same: how things are running now inside STC are damagign the competition, making the drivers and teams lost interest on it, and also creating a bad image about the competition itself.

We are in a process of investigating how to solve this and think hard about the future of the series in many aspects, but it feels now like continue like we are is just prolongate an agony and make the situation worse.

Our original plans were to repeat the Daytona race in July but that would be almost a month after the previous race, with many people in schedule problems, and still with the same issues we are experiencing now, so we decided to cancel it and move on next thursday for a more succesful future without all the current issues.

Thanks for your understanding and see you at Le Mans.


Mike Simian

Totally understand Xose, I think its the right decision.

You have our support,
its been a difficult season but still great fun. I hope you guys can use this season as a positive and make the next one stronger than ever. You have definately made something special with STC and we all apreciate the efforts you have all gone to, keep going.
I'm sorry to hear it because we really like racing in STC!

However I also totally understand that the difficulties that has plagued this season has worn you guys down a bit :(

We stand behind you and are grateful for all the energy and and effort you are putting in!

We are looking forward to support STC in the future!

For DMSv

Xosé I agree with you, unfortunately our team arrived at the wrong time, the season was affected by many problems but we appreciated the seriousness and the
efforts in attempting to solve the problems. We are sure next season will go in the right way.
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