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Cars Le Mans Classics 1.0.1

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Le Mans Classics - Le Mans racing series cars from late 60s and early 70s.

A free car add-on for GTR 2 game (SimBin). Contents some kind of historic Le Mans racing series cars from late 60s / early 70s.
This game pack is enhanced with another vehicles yet, which never raced Le Mans, but are related to the main car list strongly. Typically with Le Mans longtail vehicles are also its shortails available there.

2D/3D stuff: BorekS,...
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currently no LMC bonus car is in progress, all work is stopped / freezed.
we lost deep-strike, he passed away on 4. january 2019. that means the half of our modding crew, related to all the physics and sound stuff, is gone.

we was two person development team, releasing historic simracing add-ons at 2013-2018 time frame, for GTR2, GT Legends, rFactor and latestly for Automobilista,

because of this sad thing only some conversions would come in future, eg. the LMC into rFactor and AMS.
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I was saddened to hear about deep-strike's passing. It is a shame that these cars will not be finished as they were looking so good and would have been a great addition to the wonderful work that you have already done. I wish I knew how to do some of this, but alas I know little about how to do any modding. Don't give up just yet, may be there is someone out there that would be willing to step up and help.
BorekSt, if you like WHIPCRACKER over at evolution-modding is willing to help you with the physics. And I might be able to help you with the sounds.


thank you guys, I really appreciate any such kind of help.

I was working with WHIPCRACKER on the Cooper T73 F1 1964 car add-on project originally, it was my first openwheeler for GTR2/GTL. this work was later overtaken by deep-strike, so like the other projects.

now is WHIPCRACKER back on the simscene and he would be my personal first choose to ask for physics related support, infact ;) well, so it sounds very promising now.

as to the car sounds, its a... sad thing. we hunted for permissions to use sounds made by the legendary person called wolferl and deep-strike belongs to the few lucky ones who managed to contact him. deep-strike got a green to use any of his sounds, wisely of course. but that is now over.

as to the future car add-on development just give me some time to find the lust to continue again.

however, there is one unfinished project which could be releasable once it gets the proper physics. it is the two car mod called SPEED RACER. its about 60s TV series vehicles. for more check our simgarage site.
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@IrishGinger83 : you should always ask questions where you download mods and not on steam because there are much more people who can help here on RD ;)

To see LM cars and race with them :
- go in GameData
- open SIM_GTC.GDB with notepad (this is main menu tags entries)
- under Category you must add this line
NB: Careful as you can only have 32 lines MAX in category menu!!! so delete lines you do not use.
- save file and run gtl then you should see LM CLASSICS entry in menu as on screenshot below ;)
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