Le Mans 24h Postponed to September

In yet another disruption to the normal motorsport calendar, the ACO have today announced the Le Mans 24 Hours has been postponed until September at the earliest.

Set to play host to the final round of the World Endurance Championship in June, until recently the governing body of the sportscar series, and the ACO in France have maintained that the jewel in the endurance racing crown would go ahead as planned. However, the fast moving nature of the Coronavirus outbreak and recent developments appear to have thrown those plans into disarray, with an announcement today that the big race has been postponed to September 19-20th, effectively halting the FIA World Endurance Championship season following recent cancellations of both Sebring and Spa.

Pierre Fillon, President of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, said during the announcement today:

"Postponing the 24 Hours of Le Mans from the original dates in June is now the most appropriate way forward in the current exceptional circumstances.
First and foremost, I urge everyone to avoid putting themselves, their loved ones and others at risk. The most important thing today is to curtail the spread of this virus. Our thoughts go out to medical staff working relentlessly for the sake of us all.
The postponement of the 24 Hours of Le Mans means making changes to the WEC and ELMS calendars and we shall announce the new dates shortly. The safety and quality of our events will not be compromised.
Competitors, sponsors, fans, media, medical services and organisers – it is time to pull together, more than ever before”

In other calendar amendments, TOCA have confirmed the British Touring Car Championship will reschedule the first three planned races of the season, although the organisers anticipate moving the missed races to later in the year, thus maintaining the initially planned number of events.

With Le Mans now temporally off the table, the Coronavirus pandemic has pretty much brought the whole motorsport world to a grinding halt, with little realistic idea of when racing will be safe to resume in the coming months.

Original Source: ACO

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Oct 2, 2019
Honestly this does not come as any surprise at all, in fact I completely expected it. With pretty much all of mainland Europe in lock down for at least a month, and very probably much longer, there's no way this event could have taken place in any case.

In fact I'd go as far to say that September is still on the very optimistic side.

David DeGreef

R3E Racing Club Host US
Dec 12, 2016
I am glad they are not cancelling the event as it provides us something to look forward to as the next period of time will be difficult. I read IMSA is planning some type of media for streaming during this time, would be neat if the WEC and FIA would do the same of releasing some vintage racing shot back in the day.

Alex Harkett

Oct 3, 2013
This could throw some setups into disarray. Baselines won’t mean a lot in the varied temperatures of september. Weather is likely to be inclement too. Sad year for motorsport this.


Dec 12, 2011
Well, it's not like this 2020 LM has much "vibe" to it. Everyone is waiting on the new rules to come in effect and we then can see if they were worth the disinterest that is going on now.
tbh i think the new regulations after all this will be revised a lot. I would expect a lot of current contender teams would go bankrupt or bail out from motorsports at least. Expect hot hatches @ Le Mans in 2021 :p.


Apr 21, 2017
What will happen with F1 if they, hypothetically, go into a this big pause?
F1 as a whole can probably survive althought it might ruin some privateers. Which is why I think some of the lower series might dissapear. Qustion is how the manufacturers will evaluate motorsport if they loose billions in the next months due to shutting down.
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Koen Verlinde

Sep 12, 2011
tbh i think the new regulations after all this will be revised a lot. I would expect a lot of current contender team would go bankrupt or bail out from motorsports at least. Expect hot hatches @ Le Mans in 2021 :p.
To put it realistically:
something prototype thingy


May 29, 2016
Maybe I'm leaning myself to far out of the window here but I think there won't be much motorsports, or even sports in general, this year.
Supposedly Korean Basketball League is starting back up shortly. Maybe we turn to sports from the countries that have mostly mitigated or avoided the virus.
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Jun 17, 2011
If (and that's a big if) all the series get going and all postponed events are rescheduled then that's A LOT of real racing later in year!

Lots more to play out though with so many different possible scenarios, nothing set in stone and everything could change.
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