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Le Mans 2019 - Six Days to Go - Who's Excited?

Le Mans 2019 Grid.jpg

The Le Mans 24 Hours begins in just under six days time - who's excited?

The biggest race of the motorsport year. The ultimate test of man and machine. A perfect reason to ensue the wife and kids leave you alone for a full day - Le Mans is fast approaching!

24 hours of flat out driving in four categories of endurance racing machines, Le Mans is the greatest, most spectacular and toughest form for motorsport on tarmac - and for the 87th time the big event in France will start this Saturday 15th June - Who's excited to get cracking on with the action?

As usual we will be running a full 24 hour coverage of the greatest race on earth as over 60 cars and some of the best endurance drivers in the world take to the Circuit de la Sarthe for this spectacular show.

Stay tuned to RaceDepartment over the next day or two for details on how you can watch the big event via our live stream. It's going to be awesome!

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A race that has always fascinated me, ever since I was a kid reading the Michel Vaillant comic books. Sadly, there’s very little coverage of it here in North America. I do hope I will be able to watch the RD live stream.
Wait, Ford is leaving the WEC too? Terrible news for the next season indeed.
Yes and it seems even the talks to have some BMWs and Fords in privateers have failed or halted right now:(
from the team owners about this issue:
about the BMW , the cost and complexity(to make them work, because the car is so underdeveloped for WEC ) of having an M8 GTE in an independent team in AM class is way more than having a 488GTE or 911GTE ,
the Fords GTEs are easier to work with but they are also more expensive for privateers and their other problem is the lack of chassis and spare parts availability for a non factory backed ford GTE
isn't next season going to feature the new Hyper car class istead of LMP1?
No , as it stands the next season is 2019/2020 in naming (its first race will be at September 1st 2019), and those new hypercars regulations will be for the season after that , 2020/2021


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GTE is what I am interested in. Watched LeMans with Steve McQueen this morning, so yeah a little excited. Would love to see the prototypes have a resurgence, hopefully in 2021....I think.
Just found out: if you live in Canada, you can catch the whole race on the Discovery Velocity channel. I think it's the same in the US. (Doesn't mean I won't check in with RD anyway!)