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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    The third 'Developer Diary' for F1 2018 is here, this time focussing on the handling aspects of the upcoming new title.

    It feels like the Formula One series of games from Codemasters continues to improve with each new release in recent years, evidence of the newly found desire of the British development team to take on board the feedback of the community as they look to expand both the content and playability of their annual official recreation of the FIA Formula One World Championship racing title on PC and consoles.

    With the latest release to the series looking set to contain more cars than ever before, an expanded career mode, improved visuals and a lot more aside, Codemasters have taken some time out to place a focus on the handling aspect of the game, something that should rank very highly with the army of sim racing fans looking for an accessible yet realistic virtual version of the most popular form of motorsport on the planet.

    “I believe F1® 2018 is a massive step up, because we’ve introduced so many more simulation aspects that I believe will be very well received by all the players,” commented David Greco, Senior Car Handling Designer on F1® 2018. “To choose which one is the most important and advanced is quite hard, but I would probably say it is the expanded system which enables us to simulate the tyre temperature more realistically than we have ever done before.”

    He continued: “This year, the way the car feels, with the ‘Force Feedback’, and how it all works together, we are very close to what I want from a simulator. In over 20 years of my career between sim racing and real motorsport, I have always come across questions like: ‘one title is more simulator than another title, because it’s very difficult to drive?’ With my real motorsport experience, I can say that real racing cars are made to have a lot of grip. To me, a simulator is not how easy it is to drive or how easy to make it spin. To me, a simulation is how many real-life, physical components we simulate, and especially this year, there are not many features that I can think of that we don’t simulate. To just call it a game to me is not enough anymore.”
    Of course for Codemasters having the licence to recreate Formula One in videogame form is something of a double edged sword. Needing to please the commercial management of the sport by appealing to as broad of a spectrum of players as possible is bound to lead to some degree of artistic licence in the way the cars are created physics wise, however it looks like Codemasters are still keen to put the player in the shoes of the real life drivers, as has been explained in a bit more detail below...

    F1 2018 Dev Diary 1.jpg

    David Greco, F1 Series Senior Car Handling Designer interview with the Codemasters Blog:

    As Senior Car Handling Designer for the F1® games, could you tell us what you’re responsible for?
    “As the Senior Car Handling Designer, I’m constantly working with our physics coders, with engineers from FOM – my sole objective is to get as much real data as possible from real F1® cars to make sure the driving experience is authentic. I set up everything regarding the cars, from the tyre model, to the engines, to the aerodynamics and suspension.”

    ERS is being introduced to F1® 2018 – could you explain to us briefly what ERS is?
    “ERS is the Energy Recovery System. This system recovers energy under during braking and coasting, otherwise all that energy would be lost. It’s then deployed by the power unit to have more power – a peak of an extra 160 HP. It is, of course, very complicated and has with many pages of rules and we followed these rules to give an experience to our audience which is as authentic as possible.”

    How does ERS work in F1® 2018?
    “ERS in F1® 2018 works pretty much just like in the real sport. If the player has battery left, then they’ll be able to deploy the extra power available from the hybrid system. We look at the real rules and implement the 4 megajoules limit of deployment per lap and of the battery, as well as implementing the limit of 2 megajoules of harvesting per lap by the MGU-K. We then implemented different levels of deployment, from the lowest one that uses no energy, therefore it does not deplete the battery, to the highest setting, which gives the player the most power, but also uses up a lot of the battery, to a point that the players can also use all the 4 megajoules available to them before the end of a single lap, becoming very vulnerable to an overtake as a result of no hybrid power.”

    How can you harvest and deploy whilst on track?
    “The harvesting is directly reflected by how much you brake and/or lift and coast. The harder you brake, the more energy the you’ll recover. The more lift and coast (used also for fuel saving) the more energy you’ll harvest. Deployment is available through the MFD, and the player is able to select which setting to use, to the most conservative to the most aggressive setting we have.”

    How can using ERS change your race?
    “ERS is fundamental in this game. Players will find themselves losing over a second per lap if they don’t use the extra energy in the right way. Moreover, it’s also important to keep some energy, just in case you want to overtake or defend a position.”

    What are you most looking forward to players experiencing in F1® 2018?
    “I really want to see the reaction from the players about the new ERS feature, what they think of the new tyre carcass temperature, how the new suspensions feels and if they think that F1® 2018 is not just about pure pace, and that ERS and Tyre temperatures are very important to get right in order to nail the strategy and get the ultimate reward.”

    Formula One 2018 is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC August 24th 2018.

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    Do you think Codemasters are on the right track with their car handling intentions for the new series? Looking forward to F1 2018? Let us know your thoughts below!
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  2. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    I might give it a try this time :)
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  3. T04STY


    I'll only believe it when I see it!
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  4. aka2k


    I won't deny, this looks interesting. Enough to keep the game in the wishlist until the usual 75% off in a few months.
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  5. Durge Driven

    Durge Driven

    Current F1's are never that cheap 1st year ?

    Next sale at Christmas maybe 50% off and you miss out on doing rest of season

    F1 2017 is still full price were rF2 pCars AC have all dropped their recommended retail

    and Codemasters sell more
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  6. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium

    This is the first time I've been genuinely giddy about getting a Codemasters F1 game since 2010!

    Bring it on!
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  7. billymitchell


    Part of me thinks “Wow, this guy is saying all the right things!!!”

    The other part of me thinks “Wow, who uses a direct drive wheel with a wobbly mount???”

    I mean, isn’t that a mistake a Junior Car Handling Designer would make? :coffee:
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  8. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    There is always the refund option in Steam so i'll give it a try
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  9. uncle_tut


    its RM95 prepurchase on Steam fellow Malaysians...
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  10. ATSSHD


    RF2,PC2 are still full price in steam.
    btw you can buy games on various sites much cheaper..
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  11. farjam


    It's equivalent of 19$ where i live, so i have purchased it at the end of Jun as it was like a sale-price for me
  12. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    Didn't realise there were any on here!
    Nice to know I'm not alone. ;)

    Anyway, I've always liked the F1 games as the race weekend immersion is second to none. And this sounds like quite a jump from previous titles.
    As has been said I'll believe it when I see it but, as @uncle_tut points out, RM95 is less than 20quid so almost criminal not to give it a try...

    Just need to advise the Mrs that I need this as well as ACC next month... :confused:
  13. pabletux


    I want to buy it... but this time, it will be not like from 2017-2018.... from 2018 and 2019 there will be too much changes... but well, maybe will get it only for the fun :)
  14. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos

    Actually starts to looks interesting, anyone knows if it will support triples, previous versions did just stretch the picture?
  15. Leonardo Chaves

    Leonardo Chaves

    Some of the classic were quite nimble and fun to drive in F1 2017(including some modern ones like the 2008 Mclaren), but somehow not the main course of the game the 2017 cars.

    Hopefully that changes.
  16. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    Can't wait for the Developer Diary video showcasing the dedicated servers for PC. I have only been waiting for 8 seasons now. Plenty of time to have it developed in 2018 like ....... all other simracing developers do for 20 years already.

    For the rest it all looks very nice again like every year and yet every season I am disappointed after a few days / weeks as there is no depth in the online gameplay. Don't want to invite people to a peer to peer hosted room with a handful of drivers. Give me some solid hosting power and a full room of top players, ways to export the data to turn them into amazing statistics and then this game will truly be an esport game like ACC, rF2, Raceroom etc.
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  17. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard
    Sir Ropey Premium

    I'm still disappointed in there being no VR support, and that alone might be enough to stop me buying it..so I'm still on the fence about this years release.
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  18. danczehajek_alt


    Guess you'll have to wait, but if it didn't before then it probably won't be in this year
  19. 2stains


    You didn't go there ! People will be triggered , lol
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  20. Pepper606


    My pre order is already in, after watching that I really can't wait!!
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