latest build server started dropping people

Peter Decker

PrestoGP Veteran
Aug 28, 2008
Hi guys,

Me and my fellows over at the featured PrestoGP-league had troubles yesterday in one of our last pre-season test races. We are working on different theories but hope for any kind of external help.

In short, the server started to reject/drop players after we had skipped sessions several times in a row. We usually do 3 practice starts by skipping through the sessions. After those starts, people started to lose server connection.

We ran a test race with last build without these problems but with less people ~15 vs. ~25 yesterday.

Some theories:
1. Possible new build issue - we were doing fine until the several practice restarts. Logically that says it then less likely matter if 20 players worked at other servers. Maybe we have found a bug that not many will. Maybe a difference in how the application handles connections being made/shut during session switches. Like with memory leakage, the same can be with connections, triggering thresholds for buffer overrun/maximum connection capacity at different application levels (rf being one, windows, router, ...)
2. Router issue - some explanations could be gotten about whenever a single TCP/UDP connection drops, maybe due to connection overflow as in 1)
3. Ive got the not so well informed picture that rf2 is rather sensitive when it comes to correctly set up bandwiths. We got help last time as well as this from people with know-how I believe.
4. Certain drivers' livery or something whole else causing this

If anyone could help us find an answer, that would be very appreciated. Thanks. :thumbsup:

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
I was hosting the server at the time, I have the dedi launcher set to.....

15000 upload - 14mb
156000 download - 152mb

the per client is at default 9999

when we had 22 drivers on server before the session skips all was fine, the server reported...

datarate 45% up, 1% down
the cpu usage was 3-5% and ram was between 300-350mb

as said above the problems only started after our last practise start, when i skipped back to restart weekend so we could move on with the qualifying session
the server crapped out, people were dropped, clones were left which stayed even when the people had rejoined, it was all just a bit crazy afterwards with
constant drops and rejoins, I tried restarting server several times during this with always the same results, but remembering everything was fine until the
last session skip of the practise starts.

Nothing in my instal has changed apart from updating all servers to build 930, before that the servers have ran for weeks without anyone mentioning a problem.

Hope someone has some info on this, as stated above this shouldve been one of our last practise races before the new season starts.