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  1. Chris Preston

    Chris Preston

    Hey guys, I'm heading off to University next year and I'm looking for a laptop that would be perfect for me to carry around. The things I'm looking for is:

    - 15.6" screen is preferred, but 16.4" and 17.3" are fine as well
    - 6GB of RAM
    - i5 or i7 (i5 preferred because of lower price, but if there's an i7 for a competitive price why not)
    - 500+ GB of hard drive space
    - A video card that can do low end gaming, just something like FIFA 12, Minecraft, Train Simulator (I love trains umad?) for example... Nothing like Crysis 2 or Battlefield
    - A solid battery life so I could use it all school day. So far I've seen an ASUS with 9 hours battery life, but I know that's not the norm among laptops
    - Price range between $400 - $550

    I live in Canada so something that is available here will be necessary. Also I'm more of a fan of Lenovo's, ASUS, or Toshiba's and not at all a fan of Dell's or Gateway's. Last thing I like they kind of keyboards I'm seeing on these new laptops that you can see in the link here: Last thing that I can think of at the moment is I don't care what operating system is has on it because I'm planning on putting Windows 8 on it.

    Also these are the two I'm looking at now: (about 500 dollars this one)
    So if you think those two are my best option just let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help ^_^
  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
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    Hello fellow Canuck, I think both of those laptops will serve your needs. A 15.6 is all around more convenient size for carry around. I have two laptops a HP G60 15.6 and a DV7 17.3 and when I have to I carry the 15.6. With the bag a 17.3 is kind of big. The intergraded graphics will run Fifa 12 but not too sure about the train sim and Mindcraft.