Lap 15/12?

Ok - so that got your attention and I am sort of having that problem....can anyone help with the problem....Its for "RaceOn"

I'm working on this track (as Im sure your well and truely aware of by now :redface: ) I've just been in doing a test race and had the laps set a 15! However the race display (and replay) showed an "Lap xx/12" on the screen. This would update everytime you cross the line 1-2-3/12 etc until it hit 12/12 where the completed lap would flip it over to be 13/13, 14/14 and 15/15!!!

Any ideas on how to get this sorted so that it displays the decided race length (in this case 15 Laps?)

Could this be in relation to the distance - in the .GBD file I set the distance to the correct length say 3.92km and in the game it displays as 6.0km (or similar) the only way i could get the Game to display 3.9 was to edit the .GBD to read 2km (or similar)

I'd guess that you have timing planes too close together. The car is in collision with 2 timing planes at one instant, you see the results.
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