LAN or any other option to play with friend and AIs

I would want to kindly ask you for some tips regarding possibilities of setting up the game, which looks like this:
Me and my friend has downloaded some F1 1998 mod from Race Department. We are the fans of vintage F1 and would like to play the events with both us in one team against the rest of the grid being filled by the bots, which are created and working well in singleplayer mode.

We have dug the internet - Google, Reddit, also this forum, and we are aware, that setting up the server with AI is not possible. It's said somewhere, that someone once created the Python app, which is the cheatcode for this case, but it's private and no way to use it.

We have the one trail for this topic, taken from one of old posts from One guy has wanted to do something similar, and he got the replies, that it might be possible, to setup the LAN somehow ->

Our idea is that we could maybe deal with setting up the LAN in the way, that one of us setups the single player, and the other can join it. Do you think, guys, that it's any possible? Maybe some port forwarding could do the trick? It would be also nice to solve that by setting up the game by Content Manager and adjust all the AI players there.

Any tips and tricks will be really appreciated. Thanks!