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LAN and Server Set up

Can any one help me to set up a home LAN connection between my two computers so that my son and I can play a Personally modded version of Automobilista (it is independant from my purchased copy). I have set up a IP address and I can copy files from one computer to the other but when I attempt to play a multi player game, computer 1 freezes. Is it because the game has been modded? I have made a version of Aussie Touring Car Masters from rFactor
Maybe try not to use a modded version of AMS. That must be the issue. You can install the game with Steam on your "server" PC then simply log out of Steam. You can make shortcuts to the AMS Dedicated.exe to run the dedi when Steam is not logged in. Or you can install AMS via steamcmd.

Running servers per below works perfectly fine. (In some cases you may need leave that Steam window open though as it can cause the servers to crash if you are not installed via steamcmd)
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