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    Hi Guys,

    I've been practicing with iRacing, doing a lot of Laguna Seca track today. So I jumped into R3E to do a race with AI at Laguna and wow; the track seems very off compared to iRacing. I had seen side by side comparisons with iRacing and real world on-board cameras and iRacing seems to be exact. It's like learning a new track in R3E.

    In R3E the track seems very narrow, with the corners coming much too quickly, and the track seems shorter and more narrow or something. This is especially noticeable in the straights and the corkscrew section of the track. That first turn into the corkscrew just hits you right away in R3E where as in iRacing you have a bit of a lead-in before that tight blind lefty - same with the on-board vids.

    I take it R3E is not laser scanned? Just wondering what you guys thought about it.

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    Christian Moreau
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    You're correct. R3E's version is not laserscanned and I had the same complaints as well when I first tried Laguna in Raceroom. Sector 3 tend to do a pretty good job with all of their tracks even though they aren't laserscanned, but Laguna definitely has some inconsistencies.
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