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Laguna Seca = GoKart layout!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Troy Bjerke, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Troy Bjerke

    Troy Bjerke

    January 2013 = I just rented a tiny house on an L-shaped 5 acre lot (moving in 01/15/13).
    - the lot is 1 acre wide, 3 acres deep + 2 acres off to the left at the back.
    - track = 1x3 acres at the back - I'll post a better sketch eventually.

    Over the next year, I want to build a backyard GoKart track using a Laguna Seca layout.
    - not really accurate scale or elevation, but a few truck loads of dirt can build a mini-corkscrew!


    I'll start with a used $500 "yard kart" like Manco or Trailmaster to groove in my layout.
    - maybe that will be enough fun?

    Eventually - I want something like this ~ or these!
    - if I go that route, I would start racing real local events too...
    - I have the truck, trailer, tools, etc.

    I will edit / update this top thread as things progress...
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