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Lack of Pace???

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Bull, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Chris Bull

    Chris Bull

    I won in Bahrain,Australia and lost in Malaysia and won again in China....When I got to Spain I am at least 8 to 10 seconds off the pace and cannot catch up.
    I am only like this after Patching the game. I decided in the race as I was doing so bad that I would do a spectacular crash and get a DNF. However Next race and Monaco here I come....I love this track and I know it very well But!!!!! I am still 6 seconds off the pace?
    Why is this?
    I am in a Torro Rosso so its not a slow car but its even behind the Virgin and Lotus cars in Spain and Monaco? Why Why Why???

    My setup is.
    Windows 7 64bit with
    Intel Quad core
    4Gig Ram
    Geforce GTX260

    Plenty to run the game with.
  2. Ric Paul

    Ric Paul

    Don't worry too much about it - the AI drivers are much quicker on some tracks than others, and Catalunya is notorious for that (have a look at some of the other threads on here about it!).

    If you need to improve your lap time, get a setup from here, head to the Time Trials in the game and download a ghost that's a couple of seconds faster than you - then see where they're making up the time. When you've equalled or beaten them, repeat with another ghost a second or so quicker again.

    (Which should work in theory, but I'll admit that Catalunya is annoying me, too, lol!)
  3. Countblue



    Its very hard to beat the game on those two tracks. Even with all sims off I dont manage always on AI level Legend.

  4. Mark Spaeth

    Mark Spaeth

    I'm terrible at Monaco for this reason. I know the track by heart and get annoyed that I can't keep up. Whereas, I am fine with keeping the pace for my car's proper position on the field, in other races.
  5. Stephen Armstrong

    Stephen Armstrong

    I usually just skip spain & monaco :)
  6. Simply The Best

    Simply The Best

    Gave up on Monaco. Qualified 6th and then moved up to 3rd in the first lap. When I pitted I got that stupid glitch where I had to wait and wait. I ended up leaving the Pits in 21st. After this pitstops were over, I was in 9th... Lost 6 positions due to that stupid glitch. Then I spun out. Went to 14th and when trying to overtake, I hit his gearbox to hard apparently and got the 10 second penalty. Eventually finished the race in 17th.
  7. ongy2k3


    Monaco is a very difficult track in my experience. What aids/simulations have you got enabled? I'm pretty sure there's a bug in AI fuel levels, so that might explain somewhat why you're off the pace.
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