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Kunos Cat County Real Billboards and Traffic Signs

Misc Kunos Cat County Real Billboards and Traffic Signs 2.0

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darkyjoe submitted a new resource:

Kunos Cat Country Real Billboards and Traffic Signs - Real billboards and traffic signs for this track

I have changed textures on billboards and traffic signs.

All texture from Kunos, (Assetto, Japan DLC and other textures) now they have been replaced.

Installation: Just put the "texture" folder into ks_black_cat_county track

if you want to return to the original textures, just delete "texture" folder.

Billboard Logos:

-Lucas Oil inc.

Real traffic signs:
-"Deer" animal crossing
- 50 mph...

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Deleted member 130869

Looks very cool, will download when home. Would you consider doing an update with possible "traditional" roadside adverts? Like you'd see for local companies (even if they're fantasy).
darkyjoe updated Kunos Cat County Real Billboards and Traffic Signs with a new update entry:

Kunos Cat County Real Street and Racing Billboards and Traffic Signs (Updated)

Update with new textures pack. Now with real street billboards, and Arizona signal.

You can choose the pack of textures street or racing.

Just select one of the two folders, and put "texture" folder inside the track.

The new brands of billboards:

- Napa Parts
- Ford
- American Airlines
- Sunoco
- Mcdonalds
- Walmart
- Burguer King
- Lego
- MasterCard
- Coca Cola


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Thanks for these. They look great!

BTW, do you know if its possible in AC to have illuminated textures that doesnt emit any light? Like these who dont emit any light, its just a texture property: https://staticdelivery.*********.com/images/1151/398683-1458090632.jpg

Im thinking of certain signs that might be a little further from the track like gas station signs etc. Seeing them at a distance when driving in early morning/late afternoon lit up. Think it would add a lot of atmosphere. Ive seen some tracks with it but it was a bit overboard as it was night tracks and most things was illuminated. But if done tastefully on just a few signs that are further from the track i think it would look amazing.

Maybe something to do in an upcoming mod? :) Anyway, thanks!