KTM X-Bow RR coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

Paul Jeffrey

RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR Redbull Ring.jpg

The rather unique KTM X-Bow RR with be making its sim racing debut in Sector3 Studios RaceRoom Racing Experience title in the coming weeks, as the Swedish studio announced a new licencing partnership with the Austrian manufacturer.

Bringing another new make to the free to play sim, the KTM X-Bow RR will form part of a new car pack featuring 30 unique liveries. Alongside the announcement notes for the KTM collaboration, Sector3 have also revealed players of the game will be given the opportunity to win a drive in a real life KTM curtesy of an upcoming competition run in conjunction with KTM!

RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR Skin Pack.jpg

Speaking as part of the official licence announcement Licencing Manager of KTM Hannes Tribelnig commented:

"We are excited to be a partner of RaceRoom and look forward to seeing players getting in touch with our KTM X-Bow RR. The fastest will get a chance to prove their skills not only in the virtual- but also in the real world. Have fun and we hope to meet you soon."

Although no release date or price have been announced for the KTM X-Bow RR, judging by the attached screenshots, development looks to be a long way advanced and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that gamers might be finding the new car pack available to purchase in the very near future!

KTM X-Bow RR Specs
  • Mid-engine open two seater
  • Carbon composite monocoque
  • Audi 2.0 TFSI. Turbo-charged 4-cylinder.
  • 360hp @ 6800rpm
  • 500Nm @ 3600 rpm
  • 6 speed manual
  • Redline @ 7500rpm
  • Shiftpoint @ 6800-7000rpm
  • 40 liter fuel cell
  • 790kg (dry weight)
  • 37/63 weight distribution
  • 250 kg+ downforce at 200 kph
  • 200/610-17 & 240/640-18 slicks
  • Steering defaults are 792 degrees of rotation with a 25 degrees steerlock

RaceDepartment hold daily events using Sector3 Studios RaceRoom Racing Experience software. Check out the RaceRoom Racing Experience Racing Club to join in the racing action. Don't forget to have a browse through our R3E forums for news and discussions with your fellow sim racing fans.

RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR 1.jpg RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR Redbull Ring.jpg RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR Skin Pack Martini.jpg RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR Skin Pack side view.jpg RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR.jpg
Do you like the new licence announcement from Sector3? Looking forward to trying out the new X-Bow in game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Personally I'm fed up of new pay content. It's about time they introduced normal race sim requirements. Like a proper flag system for one.

I'm more for tracks to be honest, they've made enough encouraging noises regarding the lack of features for me to give them a temporary pass on that. The track list though could use expanding, at the very least I'd like to know what tracks they're working on. More single make cup cars though don't exactly thrill me, even something I adore as much as the X-Bow.

I'd prefer to see the X-Bow brought in as the beginnings of a GT(R)4 class, since the current European GT4 Series has a few cars in there that already exist as older GT3 cars in R3E already like the Mustang and Camaro. Also I just want to see Ginetta and Lotus in the game. The game's only missing one track (Pau) from that series' schedule as well.
Choochoo...here is the content express. Can't be bothered with cars anymore. From the dozens I own I only race two or three.. Would like to see little things like: option for laps / TIRE PRESSURE (sorry) / advanced car setup / flag system. But I doubt that such depth will ever reach R3E after 6 years of development.:rolleyes:
When these cars come out, like the Audi TT did, they are usually like $4 -5 for the pack. Doesn't bother me to spend that on some new content, while getting a major update every couple months or so that I'm sure it helps fund.

These should make for some pretty fun races I bet. Looking forward to getting to drive this race version in R3E.


I hate Race cheats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hahaha. I'm with you Andy on this. RRE needs to sort out the features of the game to make it an all rounder rather than pump out cars quicker than a Honda production line.
Agreed. The cars are an easy money spinner for them. Their pricing is mysterious though.
ps, I have a nice new bike for sale and anyone here can buy it for 50% off today only. ;)