KS Editor - couple of questions on it

Dave Thayer

I have able to import tracks a view them for my own learning experience in viewing objects, their names, and navigating around a track within KS Editor.

1. Can I rename objects in KS Editor? Seems in the properties I can change the text where it shows the name, but nothing gets changed. Just trying to change ROAD to PIT so pitting feature works on the track.

2. what does Display Axis do when selected in the drop down menu? I select it and I dont see anything displayed.

3. Also notice the X,Y,Z coordinates listed in any object properties are always 0,0,0. Does KS Editor ever show the true coordinates?

New to this tool so trying to learn what I can do with it. I know it is mainly used for cameras and maybe correcting AI lines. thank you.


KsEditor is manly for building shaders and exporting to KN5. Object names, pivot points, etc, all come from the FBX file. So you need 3D software to make those changes you want, then export to FBX, then import into KsEditor.