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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

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KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit: Lotus Essex 11

Skins KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit: Lotus Essex 11 1.0

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AlleyViper submitted a new resource:

KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit: Lotus Essex 11 - KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit racing livery

In here you can find a racing livery for the KRB Lotus Tiga Esprit:
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Features a fictional livery inspired on the classic Essex Lotus F1 scheme. Some creative liberties were taken to suggest a Group 5-ish S2 Esprit over the KRB shell. Livery colors were also changed to give it more "pop", chrome effect on all...

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Just for clarification, when I said in my review that "I'm not really a fan of the car" I meant the original livery on the F1 car in real life; I love this Esprit mod (and the livery works so well on this car).

Just read back my review and realized it could have been taken as an insult to the mod, which it definitely wasn't! :)
Oh, thanks for the heads up: I'll change the reply accordingly. I understood as if you weren't completely fond of the (IRL) Tiga shape, but in no way a criticism to the mod per se. The color scheme is nice, but it seems to work better on some F1s than on others. Sometimes it's either too much chrome, or too many red stripes, depending on how you look at it.