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PC Known Multiplayer Issues & Workarounds

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dennis, May 16, 2015.

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  1. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Premium

    Since there are still a couple of issues that can occur when trying to race online, here is a list of the most common issues and how to resolve them. Hopefully we can soon get rid of this post as more updates are released :thumbsup:

    I cannot find the RaceDepartment server.
    Use the filter options on the right side of the lobby and type in RaceDepartment as server name.

    Problem: I cannot see any servers in the lobby.
    Restart Steam.

    Fixed! Problem: I cannot click drive after joining a session that is already running.
    Solution: Rejoin the session until it works. You might have to repeat this step very often (15+ times), but eventually it will work.

    Fixed! Problem: Some cars are invisible/player names do not show up correctly.
    Solution: Rejoin the session.

    Fixed! Problem: Stuck in bumper camera/change view button does not work.
    Solution: Restart your game.
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Thread Status:
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