Sell Kinetik K50 extrusions - black anodized

Edit: Feb. 18, 2020: I have another set of these available. Send me a PM or email at
For sale: Kinetik K50 extrusions - black anodized - $498 + shipping

I have an extra set of Kinetik K50 extrusions that I've had black anodized by a specialty coating service. These are properly anodized, not a powder coating. Size is 100x100x250mm. This set includes a full set of M10/M8 reducers and the ends have been pre-drilled for easily installation (you can't anodize with steel inserts).

These extrusions are on back order with Kinetik, and my delivery took over 3 months. I have these in-hand, ready to ship. I will generate shipping to anyone in the CONUS. For an overseas sale, you'll have to provide me a prepaid shipping label.

These are uber-rare. To my knowledge, noone has obtained black anodized K50 extrusions. They look amazing, and are a perfect addition to your black racing rig.

PM me here.

These won't last, good luck.

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