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Helmets Kevin Magnussen Late Season 2014 Helmet 1.0

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needforspeedgamer submitted a new resource:

Kevin Magnussen Austin GP 2014 Helmet - Magnussen's helmet, full-white with Mobil 1 sponsors

(whoa, that was really easy in less than 12 hours) Enjoy! :D

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@Milos Ancevski what's with the funny rating :p It's a helmet
EDIT: I think you rated it funny because I made a facelift to my Japan GP helmet work.
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What is about the Standard helmet? :)
I don't get it, can you explain more?
EDIT: I think I got it now.
The standard helmet (used in Australia to Singapore) the base color of his helmet was grey with some white parts and the red lines and the big K was red.
Later on the Japanese GP it was changed. The base color was full-white and the red lines and the big K were darkened.
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The lines (I mean the big K and also the circle lines ), they look kinda pixelated. Could have been a better work. Just a piece of an advice.