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Helmets Kevin Magnussen Japan GP Helmet 2014 1.1

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needforspeedgamer submitted a new resource:

Kevin Magnussen Japan GP Helmet 2014 - Magnussen's helmet used in the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix

:) E*N*J*O*Y :)

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isn't the katakana written "vi" in "Kevin" supposed to be "ヴィ" (vi) not "ビ" (bi)? it makes me read the text of the helmet as "Kebin Magnussen" LOL. but CMIIW.
btw good work :thumbsup:
What does CMIIW mean? ;)


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Kebin, it's written as spoken by a native japanese speaker.


Kebin Magunussen, that's the way they speak his name ;) (well, Magunussen Kebin would be the correct order usually but even Wikipedia gives it this way)


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Hm, have seen it several times, that foreign names were written in the same order.
I usually introduced myself in their native name order as well, being in Japan. Noone ever mentioned something weird about that way.