KartKraft Now Playable With 16 AI

KartKraft has been updated - now includes space for larger grids of AI drivers...

Black Delta deployed a new update for their kart racing title KartKraft earlier today, adding new apparel options from the likes of Bell and OMP as well as the ability to now play against 16 other computer controlled drivers out on circuit.

The new build, available next time you restart your Steam client, isn't the most sizeable of updates released to the simulation in recent months, but does mark a significant milestone for the kart racing title. Having only previously offered players the opportunity to race against limited numbers of opponents since AI made a debut earlier this year, the new build is a good move in the right direction, and should offer players some nice improvements in performance when playing the title.

Check out the update notes from build below:

After much work to optimize the performance with multiple vehicles, we've increased the maximum number of drivers to 16 and added your friends to the pool so you can now race against them in their AI form. We've also released a new batch of apparel from OMP and Arai with much more to come!

  • Races now support a maximum of 16 drivers
  • Added white Bell KC3 CMR helmet
  • Added OMP KS3 suit range (8 variants)

KartKraft is available on Steam now.

For the latest and greatest regarding this excellent sim, check out the RaceDepartment KartKraft sub forumhere at RaceDepartment.

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thx Black delta for beeing whatever you are :) ( a kind of "clean air" in this simracing world)
PS : interesting that there is always one kart without driver on the grid (strange, but you're surely investigating on this)
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I so hope that they are going to implement proper triple screen support.
As it seems ACC - on the same engine - is working on that too...would be great.


Love what i see so far and have enjoyed driving it, just kind of waiting for more content and polish before I spend more time here. Great work so far!
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