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Featured KartKraft Build Now Live

Discussion in 'KartKraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Spinelli


    For the price they're currently asking for the eventual full game - $20 - I don't think any racing sim is not worth it.
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  2. roadyroad


    Note : I've updated my first post to be fair (in case someone would read it and skip this one) , here is what I think about this build, which indeed is a step ahead.

    I've just done a few laps with the new build and I have to say there's a huge improvement in the FFB!
    The karts are lot more driveable and enjoyable. I still feel something really wrong in the FFB, a constant annoying effect. It seems to be the engine vibrations, which are really too strong and after a few laps kill the enjoyment : this constant vibration is stronger than any other effect (except the tarmac irregularities effects) it always gets in the way and I had to turn up the general strength to feel the wheels resistance. But as increasing the general strength this effect got stronger and made my driving less precise (and the FFB too strong). And it mixed itself with the road and kurbs effects, it got pretty hard to be precise and consistant. By lowering this effect (or giving a 4th slider in the FFB menu, as in Raceroom), the general feeling and handling woud be much better and I would say complete.

    But I'm now pretty confident with the result, the FFB improvement is quiet amazing. I'm not sure all the karts received physics updates, some feel different, with more control, others (the monaco) handle like former builds (the Formula K is broken, it appears on track flying and making loops in the air).

    Good job, just fix this annoying constant vibrations please (or give us a slider so that any user can adjust his wheel, because I assume on other wheels it is perfect and no one complains about it).
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