Kart Racing Pro

Kart Racing Pro by PiBoSo is out. Download the game/demo: click here

Minimum requirements:
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, 32 or 64 bits
Processor: 1.5 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: 64 MB OpenGL 1.2.1-compliant
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.1 or newer libraries

I would tell everyone to go and get this game. This makes any kart on rfactor look like a ps1 game. The handling to slide karts and not flip over on the smallest bump, the best looking rain hands down, and great feed back from a wheel. But you do have to do a lot in the setting menu to get the game right, but well worth it.
Took me only ten minutes of the demo before I paid for the full game. Just unreal work from a guy with no real support or team.
Plz help me get the FFB to work because I can't get them to work on my Logitech G27.

Other wise this is a great game and I am so going to buy the full version when it is done. My PB lap is 47.01 on the KC1 I belive and a guy who races in the same karting Championship have managed a 43.96. If I can get the FFB to work I can probable make a 44. middle for sure but with no FFB it feels as if I am driving on ICE.
I've been trying the demo. This game is really a blast, even the wet looks cool!!! It's like the Netkar of Karts! :wink: The FFB for me works perfect so far.

Anybody pay for the full yet? What does that get you? (other than online play)

Are there some public races on their servers?

EDIT: I should say too it runs super smooth and the textures are really nicely done. In both rFactor and Netkar I've always had a lot of shimmering textures with my ATI card no matter what I did in CCC or in-game, mipmap issues and such. This game on the other hand seems to be optimised for ATI cards or something, not a shimmer in sight.
I have the full game and you get two more classes of karts and the online play. There are already 5 servers set up and running with people in them. Also you get all the new content when it is done, plus the tools for exporting your own track if you chose to built one. There is also a second track in the works to be released soon for the game.
Hmm, I guess it's because I don't race karts in real life, but my ffb works really well

I can feel all the bumps and good g-force. Maybe there's a setting that can be changed to get better FFB.

Try switching "Switch selected device to ID 1" on and off and see if that helps (Global Device settings in Logitech profiler). I know for me depending on the game that seems to make a difference .

Good luck!

I'm gonna buy this game anyway as I think its good to support promising small projects like this.

Have to say I didn't like that I e-mailed their tech support and got no answer, oh well...I'll try again
Hi guys.. I just tried the game also..I love everything about this game.The sound of the screaming engine is soo realistic .. hmm,everything is so real but one thing,front brakes??? do they have front brakes in karting now??
Well,may be gear box class uses it..but other class,I don't think front brakes are commonly used,right?
i think some classes use front brakes, other than the shifter kart classes.

i downloaded the demo weeks back, it was a pain to run this in my mere GM695 graphics (lol) updated the driver of the graphics and it finally ran but still there is a lag in the game play. the FFB didn't work for me too, i feel some resistance but not that good compared to other sims. this is a common problem actually, if you check on the KRP forums there are many people having problems with the FFB too. didn't play with this game for too long because of the lag and the lack of FFB quality, but nevertheless i think it would make into a good kart sim once the bugs get worked out.

i wonder if KRP simulates chassis flex? people say that chassis flex simulation is important in a kart sim as the chassis in karts in real life does flex when being driven. i remembered the kart sim by maschine simulations (not sure with the spelling) is it out already? it's actually reviewed by SRT and until now i hadn't have a chance to see this sim going to the shelves.
Game died already?

what's up with this game its like it died before it even started? Barely any servers online anymore.

I went on recently to I believe was swiss server, play was ok not even very laggy. One thing I discovered is to set the flags to 2D, improves the fps a lot and avoids those flag waving fps hungry dudes flickering on and off all the time.

What's with the track they have in development Rye house? We payed 20 bucks for a beta I think at least we could get some news.
Would be sad if this game dies I really love playing it!

I should say too I got my load cell pedals working too and they work incredibly well for this game. The in-game calibration is really well done.

---------Oh and its impossible to start a race without being disqualified! Anyone who's played it knows that! Weird system with arrow pointng to where you gotta go and then you follow it and immediatly get disqualified, frustrating!
Its not dead but Piboso is not the fastest developer. So i have paid 25 Euro for the GPBike and Worldracingseries license for over an year and i have only seen some very small updates.
So we can only sit and wait for Kartracing Pro Updates.

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