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Just what is up with f1 2017's graphics?

Discussion in 'F1 2017 - The Game' started by Andy_J, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    I love my F1 and I love the F1 race sims and they have got better over the years. I own most of them all. But why oh why have the graphics got worse this year?
    I currently have F1 2013 and 16 and now 17 installed and last night I was doing some comparison test runs. And by far for me using the same graphics card (rx480), F1 2013 had the best graphics by quite a margin in my opinion.

    Can any one tell me if I am the only one who thinks this years graphics are just plain weird?

    I use everything on high except shadows on low or medium. I have tried all combinations of in game and graphic card settings and I can't get this years game to look as good or as detailed as F1 2013.
    Not only that, but replays now seem to drop frames and slow to a crawl. Something is wrong. I have tried different drivers, older drivers, overiding settings etc etc. Nothing makes the sim run well or look well. Perhaps it's an AMD card problem?
    I will percy veer as Delboy would say. :whistling::unsure::unsure:
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  2. lokid


    yep noticed the same with the 2 hr trial. 13 was the last chance I gave cm. This years looks like a ps2 game. Looks low res. Gtx1080 running ultra.
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  3. Cosimo


    I've noticed that by default F1 2017 didn't use the full resolution of my triple screen setup, but a weird reduced res (~4000x700) instead of 5860x1080. Maybe that's one reason?