Just upgraded to 3 x AOC AGON 32" Curved 144hz Monitors

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    Just wanted to share my experience with the AOC AGON 32 inch gaming monitor. I have been running 3 x 27" LG 1080p monitors for the last year and have been really happy with them.. not wanting to spend the money on large 144hz monitors when i first built my rig i opted for the LG's which were about $250AUD each..

    Anyway i've just built a new VR only rig (to complement my triples rig) and needed a monitor.. Ebay were having a 20% off sale so i thought i'd give the AOC monitor a crack even though reviews were sparse and i didn't know the brand very well. This would also give me a chance to see how much better (if any) 144hz refresh is.. i've gotten used to the screen tearing on a 60hz monitor but i needed to satisfy my curiosity! It was only $400AUD so a win win..

    The AOC AGON is a 32" VA 1080p 144hz gaming monitor that has a pretty decent curve.
    I don't use these PC's for anything other than sim racing so the PPI thing doesn't worry me in the slightest.

    Anyway.. to say the least.. 144hz blew me away.. For all those who haven't tried it.. get onto it.. It totally changes the experience and going back to 60hz for comparison was quite jarring.
    The monitor itself is also amazing for the price.. its looks amazing.. is covered in sweet LED's you can switch between red, blue, and green.. all at different brightness.. or you can turn them off.
    So impressed was I that I bought a couple more to replace my 3 LG monitors and am now running AOC AGON triples at 120hz on a GTX1080 on my triples rig...!

    It's so so so much better... not just the refresh rate but the curve is such that with the sides at 45° and 70cm viewing distance, the 3 monitors take nearly my 180° field of vision.. and the entire curve across the 3 monitors is actually quite smooth.. Takes the atheistic to a whole new level.

    I had to make some VESA mount spacers to mount to my 8020 rig as the monitor stand attachment is countersunk at the back of the monitor. The monitor comes with 1 x DP cable and power cable..

    So for those in the market i highly recommend the AOC AGON AG322FCX 32" 144hz monitor..
    For me they are the best looking monitors i've seen.. The picture quality is very very good for a 32" 1080p VA panel.. The blacks aren't as good as a TN panel obviously.. but there a so many positives that outweight the negatives for me here..

    None of my 3 had any dead pixels.. If I have any problems i will update.

    As with anything ... Your Mileage May Vary!!!!!!
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  2. InsaneOzzie


    They sound awesome Simon, any chance of a pic or two ;);) always wondered what triple curved monitors would be like.

    AOC have been around for some time, there a fairly good quality product for the low price,never really read any bad press about them either, sounds like there definitely worth a look in the future:D