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Would you like to get a USB-addon box made custom for your sim-setup?

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  • Nah, I buy them from trusted vendors

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  • I've got some ideas, .. I'll message you

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Jan 20, 2020
Just got into sim-racing 2 weeks ago, and loving Dirt Rally 2.0 Also play Project Cars 2, Assetto Corso Comp, and iRacing when I feel good enough. I also fly FPV-sims (racing-drones), but the weather is getting warmer and the real quads are getting airborne soon! :D Got 5 new drones (3 quads and 2 wings) for this season and GoPro's for all of them :)

I bought a beat up G27 that overheats, .. so luckily I am quite capable of modding this wheel so that it will perform better. Will also be making addon USB-boxes for sim-setups. If you have any wishes or ideas, please come with them. I'd love to hear!