Just had the best race of my F1 2010-2016 career

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Ben Eastman, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Ben Eastman

    Russia(great track by the way), 50% distance, no assists Legend difficulty. I'm the McLaren and 8th in the championship standings. Qualified 3rd after a blinding lap with 0 time left in Q3. Before the race i'm assigned Verstappen as my new rival.

    Off the race start I choose to go for a 1stop strategy with longer stints since my tyre wear has been negligible. Also go low on fuel (-1lap) since I prefer managing my fuel over the race distance to being heavy at the start, especially when I know that I have an inherent pace disadvantage to the cars around me and need every advantage I can get.

    Off the start I maintain my position and end up battling with Massa in 2nd place for about 5-6 laps, exchanging places and holding side by side multiple times. Massa ends up ahead around L6 down the back straight, and he pits in front of me; my window is next lap. Next thing I know VSC! So I go from 3rd with a chance at 2nd and only 2s up the road from 1st place, to pitting and coming out in 11th place with everyone ahead of me on fresh tyres except for Jolyon Palmer.

    I procede to race up to 8th place with Vettel, Hulkenberg and Verstappen dueling in front of me. As I'm watching them they go 3-abreast into T1 Hulkenberg taps Vettel rear right and they both slide off the race-course, I have a run at Verstappen and we end up battling side by side for the next 2 or three laps before I maintain my advantage.

    Then around L18 out of 27 it begins raining lightly, enough that lap after lap you can slowly feel the lap time slipping away and it gets VERY temperamental particularly in S2. I keep asking my engineer on the radio 3/4 times a lap "tyre status" trying to time out when i'm going to come out for inters. Finally I make a decision and pit for inters, end up coming back to P5 with Hamilton coming out just behind me as I pitted right before the track got super wet. Have an INSANE battle with hamilton over P5 in the wet before finally settling for P6.

    Codies nailed this damn AI this year, they actually race!
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