Just got ARCA. Feels and looks like a bad version of rFactor. Tips?

Sean Vohs

As the title says, I just got the game and it looks and feels like a poor quality rFactor. Stock Car Evolution with less bugs, but uglier. I have settings turned to max and I can't make out words on anything. What's wrong? :(
Do you have nvidia or ATI graphics?

also it is good to play with the controller setup
try in force feedback strength -65%..that should help a lot

Sean Vohs


I'll reverse the FFB and see how it feels. So far I feel like I've been ripped off. I already own rFactor and the SCE mod. Why did I just pay $50 for an uglier version? :( Here's hoping I just have the "awesome" button turned off, and after finding it, the game shows its worth.
well then
via Nvidia control panel set the following
Anisotropic filtering at 8 (or 16)
Antialiasing mode - override
Antialiasing setting - 4 or 8 depending on your graphics card power
Antialiasing transparency - supersampling
texture filtering - anisotropic sample option - off
texture filtering - negative LOD bias - Clamp
texture filtering - quality - high quality
texture filtering - trilinear optimization - off

Arca is not a game graphics awesomeness as dirt 2 (uses same isi engine as rfactor), but it is nice and those setups makes it good

Sean Vohs

I'll try those when I get home, thanks!

I know it's not supposed to be a glamor game, but I was hoping words would be legible, and hoping it would at least look like rFactor. Not expecting or asking for the world, just what's standard.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Here it looks the same as rFactor, not brilliant. But you could have known that upfront: its not a graphics game. Its the game play that makes ARCA great. Join us for some monday night racing Sean and you see what I mean :D

James Johnson

The Weatherman
Oh and we got an Awesome Atmosphere in our monday night races. The amount of times i started to cry because of laughter behind the Safety Car was Very often. LOL
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