Just bought rFactor

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Mtommi Tam

Feb 19, 2007
Now,download it

Thanks for your purchase!

Click here to download your PERSONALIZED copy of the software


Mtommi Tam

Feb 19, 2007
I just install it,
and i see the server,
Wow,good ping for me (21 ping)
On the GTR-E,i always more than 250 ping,
I need set more about the control,
I hope quickly to join,haha
Now,very tired,go to sleep, see all next time :):airplane:


Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
See you on track next time Mtommi! Nice that you will join us. Yes the pings are super aren't they, also very very low for me!

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Jul 15, 2008
Was I one of the lucky ones to get rFactor free when I visited PC World? I thought after that the game is free for everyone.

Mtommi Endurance Mod is worth buying rF alone. It was the reason I re installed rF for me.

Is too much racing bad for my health?

Mtommi Tam

Feb 19, 2007
I just test it on RD server,hi,David,if you see this post :)
Nice to meet you on server,:highfive:
This is my name first time in server and first time meet player ( David ) :)
This game give my feel is ....:coffee2:

First :
Need to set the freeback to ok myself control feel,because i come from simbin race 07,i driver my race 07 feel 3 years,so,i shall copy this handle feel on rFactor,:pill:

Good,it give me the ping is me can not believe,it is very slow ping for me,is 20 ping,if on GTR-E,i join RD always on the more than 250 ping,so,on the interent speed,rFactor is give the interent speed( Ping ) is good,:good:

Start the game is very fast,i set the game is 1680x1050 Display card is Level 5,( My PC is AMD 6400+ & GTX260 ),wow,very fast load this game,if on race 07,can not very fast to load game,:good:

This is very important,last night,i install the game,and then try to run it,and today,this game not wrong for me,not freeze,this is very important,on the race 07,it give me more trouble,always more wrong for every racing man,because freeze:bad: :(,So,in this time,rFactor not freeze is good,very good,very very perfect :):good:

Last night, i see the RD racing Club,wow,40 people join this one,very good feeling on the track for every one :),so,I think me buy this game is good,not buy wrong this game :):good:

I am baby on rFactor,I shall on 1 year learn this game,learn handle,learn set up( but me on race 07 3 years can not ok set car,haha,very bad )

See all on the track :)

rTommi :victory:, no, is Mtommi :rotfl:
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