just appreciate the RD platform and RD community

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Peter Klawitter, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Peter Klawitter

    Peter Klawitter
    RaceDepartment Business Director Staff

    :thumbsup:hi all, wanted to thank firstly RD for giving the community such a great platform and making it possible to exchange so much about our wonderful hobby if sim racing and basically anything else here :)
    started off as a complete amateur and newbie, not knowing much more about tech and games since the early 90's...life keeps one busy with many other things.
    BUT RD community has been so so helpful, no matter how dumb the questions are, always someone who is helpful and honest. absolutely wonderful! thanks RD and all the RD community!
    thanks also for the absolutely fantastic download section!
    just simply thanking you guys and appreciating what you have made possible for sim racers all over the world.:thumbsup:

    (...and yes what i also mean is there is much less :poop:d*****b**s, tr***s, fanb**s and know-it-all's or straight forward rude egomaniacs :poop:here than other forums!!!)
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