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Risto Kappet

F1 1985 in the old Imola circuit, after aqua minerale is done i will turn up my boost and the extra torque gained on my V6 Honda turbo
kicks the car into oversteer at the exit but controlling it i speed up the crest without any time lost, but i calm my excitement looking how the new tyre model has recorded the exact rear tyre degration.

Keep your mudracing to arcade games : )

Mohamedou Ari

F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD
McLaren MP4-13 w/slicks mod @ 1970s Osterreichring(anybody who is Austrian or German please make a spelling correction if misspelled).
2004 Ferrari F1 on the old Hockenheim layout in the wet ofcourse.
Would be immense blasting through the tree's around the beautiful old Hockenheim course in one of the fastest Formula 1 cars ever.
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