JF3 2007 v2.0 released

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  1. Nils Wijk

    Nils Wijk

    Seems this got passed you rF lovers:

    -----Japan Formula3 2007(JF3_2007) Mod-----

    -2007 Cars. (9 teams, all 12 units)

    -In 2007 to reproduce the texture and helmet.

    -New tire model has been created and caliper.

    -Update cockpit and textures.

    -The difference in performance machine to reproduce the behavior of the new.

    -Produced a new engine sound.

    -Collision detection, fuel economy and refine their own.

    -A course on the map attached to the steering added.

    rF3 Extension of the region to enjoy cross-JF3 2007 Mod, please.

    v2.0 Fix list

    -Add New rFm file
    -Optimization of the damage model
    -Optimize the behavior of all machines
    -DOME F107, F305 and other machines, 2005,2006 season, the Skins Add
    -Two wing package (MDF = high-speed circuit design / HDF = normal specification) Add
    -Optimization of tire grip
    -Fixed default set