Jenson Button to Retire from Formula One?

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Jenson Button is rumoured to be calling quits on his Formula One career at this weekends Japanese Grand Prix.

After the conclusion of the current Formula One season, it is believed that the 35 year old Briton will begin competing in sports cars next season in the World Endurance Championship where he'll likely be snapped up by one of the top LMP1 teams as drivers with his experience, consistency, pace and friendly approach to teamwork are a rare occurrence.

If the rumours are to be believed, then Porsche would be a likely choice as they seem to have the most competitive car in terms of outright pace, and Buttons' long time friend Mark Webber is part of the team, which even current McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso has eluded to as being a massive lure away from Formula One.

If Button were to wind up driving an Endurance car next year, it would seemingly be a perfect fit, as Buttons driving style is almost perfectly suited to that of Endurance racing, more particularly Buttons ability to generate smooth steering inputs for maximisation of tyre life, which has seen him succeed in the Pirelli-dominated era that Formula One currently finds itself in. However, in recent times, the two categories have somewhat flipped the script thanks to measures introduced to F1 in order to add more strategy and variability to the racing. The WEC has become six hour sprint races while Formula One appears to be a 90 minute endurance race.

A large contributing factor to such an announcement would surely be placed at the foot of the utterly dismal performance of the McLaren-Honda partnership. A partnership that generated a vast amount of hype prior to the start of the 2015 season primarily due to the rich heritage that Honda and McLaren share in Formula One, particularly in the famous turbo era of the 1980's. Button and Alonso began the season by stating their optimism, despite being way off the pace, that the McLaren-Honda partnership would gel at some point this season and that they would be challenging the Mercedes'. However, the more races that went by, the more it became apparent that the drivers and the team were losing faith in the Honda power unit, which is rumoured to be deficient to the Mercedes and Ferrari power units by a whopping 200 horsepower. Despite the positive snippets coming from their mouths, it was readily apparent that frustrations were brewing.

The question is though: Is this too early for Button to be calling it quits? Despite the catastrophic performances from McLaren-Honda so far, Jenson has produced some the best drives of his career. And when his highly esteemed teammates' car hasn't been breaking down, Button has been more than a formidable opponent to the Spaniard. It would appear there's still life in the old dog yet.

Stick and stay with for all the developments of the coming weekend in Japan, and Jenson Button's future in motorsport.
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In my opinion, he should give it one more year with the Honda PU before he calls it quits. That should give Honda ample time to gain horsepower and allow them to start fighting for points.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
He is a great driver, has a world championship to his name, very wealthy and nothing to prove. In my view he will just be marking time and his best opportunities to win races are now behind him.
He has been a huge asset to the paddock and certainly in the UK is massively popular.

He is young enough and supremely fit enough to conquer new challenges. Time to expand his life.


Czarleeese Baygio
I'd love to see him in WEC. I'm a great Button fan and seeing him compete for wins is much better than chasing a career in F1 at this stage. F1 will lose a top man, but another series should benefit from his charisma!


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
One last season would be nice.

After that, switch to mederating, should be totally fitting.
Or switch to other series, WEC f.e.

Jake Fangio

Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain
A very classy guy,and one of the good guy's.I think it's an opportunity for him to try something different and the WEC seem's to be a perfect fit.i very much doubt Honda can turn this around for next year.They are a full year of understanding the engine behind the competition,so that would be another year for him struggling with the car.Whatever he does I have full respect for this great racer.


I'd like to see him do at least another year. I've been holding out hope that next year would be a championship battle between Button and Alonso. If they could at least get a car that's reliable those two drivers could put on a show no matter where they are in the pack. Watching guys trying to overtake the slower cars of Button and Alonso and having difficulty despite having faster cars, shows the racecraft these guys have. Button also gives a great interview he'd be sorely missed.


He should wait it out a bit! Maybe the honda PU is good next year, and if he retires this year he may regret it

Andreas Knöpke

Let's drive side by side!
Don't think WEC should become a place for 'elderly' F1 drivers to retire a 2nd time.

Leave those spots to the works drivers.

Andrew Harper

If he does decide to retire, F1 will certainly be a poorer place without him. This year his relaxed but also positive spin on a very tough year has earned him a lot of respect from people who weren't even fans of his beforehand.

I understand what Andreas is saying but when I went to the WEC event at Silverstone this year the Webber effect was certainly very obvious, in the pit lane walkabout the queue for his autograph was a 40 minute wait! :laugh: That's what's great about sportscar racing anyway, the mix of drivers :thumbsup:

If the WEC attracts another big name driver that would be great. He's pace against Alonso has shown he still has what it takes. The question is does endurance racing appeal to him?

DTM? SuperGT? BTCC!?

No matter what he decides to do, I wish him all the best because driving in such a bad car this year must be very tough (for the whole team as well).

I can't see McLaren Honda sorting this by next year, they are just too far behind (the car is slow and unreliable). If it was a simply case of engine maybe, but with the hybrid systems it makes development much more of a problem. I think it will take at least three years before they are competitive. Which begs the question, will Alonso hang around? The team in it's current state has the potential to kill a new driver's career stone dead.


If the WEC attracts another big name driver that would be great. He's pace against Alonso has shown he still has what it takes. The question is does endurance racing appeal to him?

DTM? SuperGT? BTCC!?
When I see him in interviews on the likes of Sky sports and the BBC I reckon he would like to slip into a presenter role. He's very good in front of a camera.

Andrew Harper

When I see him in interviews on the likes of Sky sports and the BBC I reckon he would like to slip into a presenter role. He's very good in front of a camera.
Yes his is, Webber managed to do TV with racing this year so maybe he'll decide to do that as well :)

Steve Bird

Come On Williams!
It will be a sad day. Jenson has always been a Gentleman and an example to young drivers to follow.
Damn i remember when everybody was saying Williams was crazy for taking a guy who didn't even in the Brit F3 championship.

This kind of announcement makes it sound like he is gone, no good options for him to have a decent last season, he just isn't willing to put up with Ron Dennis wanting his "boys" on the car, i wouldn't be either honestly...

Did he consider Lotus/Renault?
Though that's also a gamble at this point.

Von Butters

F1 and their engine rules of today. Killed the sport for me this past few years.

I wouldn't blame Jenson for wanting to look elsewhere for his next challenge. Something new to get the blood pumping again.
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