Jan Kopecky Barum Czech Rally Zlin 2019

DiRT Rally 2.0 Jan Kopecky Barum Czech Rally Zlin 2019 1.0

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Any idea why is in
texture high folder sr5_tex_high_00.pssg size is 77MB
and in
texture low folder sr5_tex_low_00.pssg - 150MB ? Much smaller.
Beside... when I try to open them... in "high" folder I can't open texture file and in low I can but livery is :confused:...completely different ? Some other white skin and not this ...green. :cautious:
Hello, first of all it is a nice rally skin, can I do daily events, mensual events and stuff?
Hello, thank you! I'm not sure right now. I think the codemasters did an update, after which it shouldn't be a problem. In any case, make a backup of the original file