James Deane's Falken BMW E92 Eurofighter

Skins James Deane's Falken BMW E92 Eurofighter 1.0

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Nov 7, 2015
shadow118 submitted a new resource:

James Deane's Falken BMW E92 Eurofighter - skin for DSpec BMW E92 ESS VT2 mod

James Deane's Falken Eurofighter livery. Some of the logos are missing or misplaced because of how this mod is mapped. The fender flares and side skirts are mirrored so I didn't put any logos on them.
The roof is also not skinnable, the real car has the falken stripes and a number 130 on the roof.
I added the fake hoodvents, because I think those vents are also a part of the look. With some sneaky reflection mapping, they don't look half bad. I tried to hide the original vents with them....
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